Heavy armor approaching!

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  • August 08, 2010

The development of CoH: Modern Combat is already quite advanced, but you didn’t get to see what some people would call “the face of the US Army”, yet. One of the most modern main battle tanks of the world, the M1A2 Abrams! Of course it is not missing in our Mod, and today we will show you the first renders of the basic variant, which will be available at the end of the right Armoured Warfare tree.


On the other side, the People’s Liberation Army does not hit the battlefield without a competitor. They field the ZTZ-99, the most advanced chinese main battle tank. With it’s fully-stabilised 125 mm/50-calibre ZPT98 smoothbore gun it is going to be a real threat even for the most modern western tanks.

Heavy armor approaching! Heavy armor approaching!


Last but not least, we want to give you an update to the currently shown layout of the PLA tech tree. The Type 96 MBT is going to be replaced by the Type 59d. Even though it is a quite old tank, it is still fielded in very high numbers, which made us think that it may fullfill the role of the work horse in a better way than the Type 96. The Type 96 will still be available as a part of the Last Push doctrine ability.


As always, we appreciate feedback in our forums. Watch out for future releases on moderncombat.blacksandstudio.com