Full Version 1.019

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Hi everyone. Time for another patch!


We haven’t changed anything major this time around, however there are a couple of important alterations that should probably be explained in more detail.


Firstly, we’ve disposed of the old MSI installer, which was becoming unintuitive and causing issues with repeat installations. We’ve reverted to a simple but reliable archive format instead

We’ve also added an Uninstaller to make things easier. If you have an existing version of the mod, you need to put this in your CoH folder and run it before extracting v1.019! 

Make sure you follow the instructions in the Download section properly!


Secondly, we’ve added 7 new maps by Omnicron and Unreal-Eugen, who have done a fantastic job in not only making these maps for you, but in finding innovating new ways to use existing assets. We hope you like them!

We’ve also removed a number of unconverted community maps that were added to the mod despite being set during WWII and containing no modern assets.


We’ve been quiet lately; the team has been reduced to only a few people, and we’re all beset by real-life obligations that have drastically reduced the time we can contribute to further development of this mod.

That said, we hope to persevere and have exciting plans for the future. It’d be premature to make promises at this point… but if all goes as planned then you can look forward to a new iteration of Modern Combat unlike any that have come before it. More news on this at a later date.


We hope you enjoy Modern Combat 1.019, and that all the players who have been experiencing installation problems can finally run the game without issue. Sorry it had to be a full re-release and not just a patch, but it was the only way for us to ensure everyone stays compatible online.

Have fun!

~ The Modern Combat Dev Team


Download Full Version 1.019



  • Added an Uninstall batch file.
  • Fixed a fatal SCAR error that was occurring at the end of skirmish matches.
  • Increased default and maximum camera heights by 5 metres.
  • Increased slot item drop probabilities by 20%.
  • Several mine triggering and UI placement improvements.
  • Removed obsolete DLLs.
  • Removed obsolete manifest XML.


  • Removed the Predator drone’s weapons load.
  • Removed the Paladin’s lockdown ability (which the AI couldn’t use).
  • Increased the range of the Paladin’s default barrage.
  • Increased the speed of the Paladin’s projectile.
  • Replaced placeholder 60mm mortar with an M224.


  • Reduced the munitions cost of PLA AT mines (from 50 to 40).
  • PLA AT mines can no longer insta-kill light vehicles, but are now guaranteed to cause an engine or tread critical when triggered (the probability of which was previously only 85%).
  • Reduced the munitions cost of PLA incendiary mines (from 20 to 10), and added a fuel cost (5).
  • Incendiary mines are now more effective.
  • Booby traps have been revised (increased in power, cost and ability duration). They now trigger a sequence of grenade detonations around the target point.
  • Fixed ZTZ59Ds being able to fire ATGMs with damaged main cannons.
  • Tweaked the formation of PLA Engineers.
  • Replaced placeholder 82mm mortar with a PP87.
  • Replaced placeholder flamethrower with a Type 74.


  • Some rebalancing and tweaks.
  • Gave special weapons to certain PLA troops.
  • Fixed Corpsman healing ability being permanently deactivated at random.
  • Removed shared timer on “Mark Target” ability.

Art, Localisation and Sound:

  • Added 3 new environment supply caches for mappers.
  • Improved Predator specular and gloss textures.
  • Made the aircraft minimap symbol more generic.
  • Replaced current tracers and smoke trails with the original smaller versions.
  • Fixed the Type 85 SMG’s tracer.
  • Minor UCS localisation tweaks and fixes.
  • Italian localisation updated.
  • Czech localisation updated.
  • Polish localisation updated.
  • Chinese localisation updated.


  • Added new map: Golmud Outskirts (2p) by Unreal-Eugen.
  • Added new map: Huihe River (2p) by Omnicron.
  • Added new map: Zìyóu Square (2p) by Unreal-Eugen.
  • Added new map: Apocalypse (4p) by Omnicron.
  • Added new map: Quzhou Suburbs (4p) by Unreal-Eugen.
  • Added new map: Battle for Qhuai (6p) by Omnicron.
  • Added new map: Huangtian Rice Fields (6p) by Unreal-Eugen.
  • Removed 14 non-modern community maps.

Patch 1.016 with new Launcher and Updater

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Hello Modern Combat Fans!

Hope you’re all having a great summer and enjoying the sunshine (or thunderstorms). We’re glad to finally announce the release of our new v1.016 patch; we’ve been working hard over the past months to optimise the mod in various ways and make it much more enjoyable for everyone! For example, we’ve refined the loading processes for many of our models and thus the mod will run at +20 FPS. We’ve also gone through all our old textures from before the server crash to repair any imperfections that were present in our current skins. Essentially, you’re looking at a much more finalised mod.

Read More

Unit Pages Reposted

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We’ve yet to fully complete our unit pages and add in new dynamic stat tables, but at least the unit pages from our old site have been successfully recovered, which is a good starting point. We’ve done our best to make them as similar as possible for now and will be adding in new pages for all the units that are missing, notably the Marine Corps units.

Unit pages here

Let us know what you think and if there should be any further improvements! Don’t forget, if you’re looking for something specific you can use our site’s search function. 😉

~ The Modern Combat Dev Team

Fixed Installer and new Mirrors

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For those with a 32bit version of Windows you may have noticed that the installer does not work for you. It simply does not run, since it is looking for a path that doesn’t exist. I have found the typo in the installer and fixed it. The installer has NO changed files, so if you have already downloaded the new 1.015 and installed it on your system, there is NO reason to reinstall this fixed installer.

Additionally we have added a MEGA.nz mirror and a Torrent link for those that are unable to use the ModDB download links. Please let us know if there are any problems on our forums Technical Issues section.

You can find all the links to the Fixed Installer on our Downloads page

Additionally for those that are unable to play online and would like to stick with using the old CoH v2.602 for LAN parties or such. You can download this new 1.015 installer and instead of installing it in your Steam location, just point it back to the old CoH root folder. For example:

C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes

Just make sure you delete the old ModernCombat folder!

All the best,

~Modern Combat Dev Team