2010 December

CoH: Modern Combat – Xmas present

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Merry Christmas to all of you!

Christmas would be boring without some presents, wouldn’t it? The CoH: Modern Combat crew didn’t forget its followers, so here we are with a present for you! You requested it several times, so we thought christmas would be the right time to satisfy some wishes.

In the following we want to show you some of the infantry units that will be available to the US Forces. Once again we want to give out a thank you to Michael Taylor (mike@cryrid.com), who provided us with the basic infantry model and a canadian texture as a role model for our US infantry skins.

However, the following pictures still show work in progress. The rigging is not finished yet, so you might see som stretching in some parts, and some units are still missing parts of their equipment.

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CoH: Modern Combat needs your vote!

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Thank you to all of you, who voted us into the top 100 of moddb’s mod of the year (MOTY) awards 2010! Now it’s time to see how far we can make it, with your help!


You will be able to vote us into the Top10 within the next 13 days. By voting us into the higher ranks you will provide CoH: Modern Combat with greater visibility. This directly benefits the quality of our mod, for example by allowing us to recruit the most competent people. Every vote counts!

In any case, you guys are awesome! Stay tuned, and see you on Moderncombat.blacksandstudio.com