CoH: Modern Combat – Xmas present

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  • December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Christmas would be boring without some presents, wouldn’t it? The CoH: Modern Combat crew didn’t forget its followers, so here we are with a present for you! You requested it several times, so we thought christmas would be the right time to satisfy some wishes.

In the following we want to show you some of the infantry units that will be available to the US Forces. Once again we want to give out a thank you to Michael Taylor (, who provided us with the basic infantry model and a canadian texture as a role model for our US infantry skins.

However, the following pictures still show work in progress. The rigging is not finished yet, so you might see som stretching in some parts, and some units are still missing parts of their equipment.

We start with the US Combat Engineers. By default they are equiped with M16 assault rifles, but you have the option to be upgraded them with Remington R870 shotguns.


Riflemen with their M4 assault rifles are the backbone of the US infantry forces. They are extremely versatile, because of their various upgrades, like M203 grenade launchers, M249 SAW, AT4, grenades, etc. Here we show you just some selected examples.


If the situation is difficult, elite squads are required to step in and do their job. By picking the right doctrine you will be able to deploy Airborne squads (left) or Green Barrets (right). Both of them have special upgrades and abilities, which will help you on the battlefield. While most of the US infantry equipment uses ACU digital camoflague variants, the Green Barrets are already equiped with the new multicam camoflague.


Last but not least, we want to announce a unit, which has not been mentioned in the US layout, yet. The US Commanders have realized that reconnaissance is not enough to deal with the PLA’s invisible killers. So they are fielding their own, the sniper! In this regard we want to thank DemoSS for providing us with the ghille suite attachments. The Sniper will be equiped with a M24 sniper rifle and will be available in tier 2.

CoH: Modern Combat - xmas present

Now, i guess you think: “We have seen so much ingame content over the past months, how much more is there about to come?! They need to finish at some point.” Yes, you are right! Nevertheless, please understand that a project like this requires an extreme amount of work on many fronts. Not everything might be visible to our followers immediately. Thus, we still cannot give you a fixed release date.

But, our development has reached the Alpha testing phase! This means, we have invited a very limited number of CoH experts, who are playtesting the core of our mod for bugs and balance. We are very happy that we have reached this phase in the development!

So, don’t nail us on a fixed date, it’ll not be within the next few months, but we promise: Next year we will meet on the chinese battlefield in Company of Heroes: Modern Combat!

Until then, keep on supporting us with your feedback and stay tuned on

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!