2010 January

CoH: Modern Combat – Ingame Trailer 1

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Hello Modern-Combat fans!

Today we present you two news pieces at the same time! First of all we are proud to present you our new online-presence Moderncombat.blacksandstudio.com ! This goes hand in hand with a new collaboration with Black Sand Studios. We are sure that this new support will help speeding up our work on Modern Combat. In this context: A big thank you to Guedoe, the BSS Site-Admin, who made this all possible for us. And another big thank you to Sven aka “M4c”, who did all the coding for this site.

This site should make it easier for you to follow our progress and keep track of new stuff. From now on, we will release news and media on a shorter timescale, than we did before. Pay special attention during the next time, because we will provide you with a major update, including a lot of footage, very soon.

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