2011 December

Happy New Year from CoH: MC

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Hey guys! We hope you’ve had a great Christmas, and would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy new year!

Now, as you might be aware, we recently placed second in the Upcoming Mods category of the 2011 ModDB Mod of the Year competition! We’re really happy with what we’ve achieved this time around, and are extremely grateful for the incredible level of support provided by fans and community-members alike. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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CoH: MC – first full game shoutcast

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Welcome CoH: Modern Combat fans,

We want to take the opportunity to thank you once more for your awesome support! You’ve voted us into the top 100 of this years Moddb Mod of the Year competition! Currently the final voting period is running and with your support we’ll hopefully get into the top ranks!

As a thank you we promised you to deliver the first CoH: Modern Combat shoutcast in history! And here it is: A game from the current alpha version of our mod, between CoH:MC co-leader Darkbladecr and our map artist WmDSpanky. They are battling it out on one of the new maps, Senlin Lukou, by OnkelSam.

Spanky is not the only one from WmD clan, who is supporting our mod. In fact a large number of clan members are participating in the current alpha phase to bring the balance in line for a competitive future of our mod. In this context it seems just right to have two of their experienced members helping us out with the cast. WmDTommy952 and WmDSandland are joining OnkelSam as the gamecasters. A special thank you to WmD for all their support!

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We’ve made Top 100, Now lets go for the Top!

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THANK YOU guys!!! You’ve voted us into the Top 100!

Now, as we promised, we will provide you with a shoutcast of a full game, which we will record in the current alpha version of the mod over the next week. The shoutcast will go live at the end of next weekend, so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, please vote for us again, this time its for the final position! We’re counting on you folks!

Don’t forget to give feedback and keep an eye on our homepage!

~The CoH: Modern Combat team