2010 November

Monthly Overview – November 2010

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We’re back as usual with an overview of the last month. Let me start with the introduction of some new staff members, who will hopefully speed up our development even further! I_am_a_Spoon (USC editing), Spanky (Level Designer), Cryloud (3d Artist), Lethal Dosage (Coding), and Kolaris (Coding).

I_am_a_Spoon will help editing all the USC entries, so that all units and abilities will have an accurate description. Spanky will create maps in a modern environment. Cryloud will work on creating the few last models that we need for the faction layout and then start supporting our mappers with environmental assets. Lethal Dosage and Kolaris will work hand in hand with Firesparkz on the coding front. Fixing bugs and especially work on balanceing the mod will be their prime tasks.

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