2010 June

Monthly Overview – June 2010

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Welcome to our monthly overview!

It is two weeks ago we showed you our latest in-game trailer, in which we showed off many new in-game units. Since our last overview we have progressed a lot with implanting models in-game, but also realizing our doctrine’s more and more in-game. The mod is coming along in a steady progress, and we are pleased to show you our progress on a monthly base.

Further more we have some real U.S. firepower to show. The Stryker!

The Stryker ICV (Infantry Carrier Vehicle) is the most versatile vehicle of the U.S. Army. It comes standard equipped with a manned M240 machine-gun. Unlike the Bradley, the Stryker can carry infantry around the battlefield and provide fire support with it’s armament.

The Stryker can be upgraded to the Stryker FSV (Fire Support Vehicle), which results in the manned machine-gun being replaced by a remotely operated M2 .50 cal machine-gun. The upgrade provides more firepower to the Stryker, but also removes the possibility of having it’s gunner killed.

The Stryker MGS (Mobile Gun System) provides the U.S. forces with a powerful anti-tank unit on the battlefield. Equipped with a 105mm gun, it packs a good punch against armoured PLA units.

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CoH: Modern Combat – Ingame Trailer No.2

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Hello CoH: Modern Combat fans. These are exciting weeks indeed. On the last weekend we presented our doctrines to you. This has been a huge amount of work already. And today, just one week later, we come to you again with another exciting update.

I am proud to present our second ingame trailer movie. It showcases a lot of units from the tech trees, which you already know from screenshots. The following units are featured.

PLA: Builders, Militia, Soldiers, Type 69 Rocket Launcher team, All Terrain Mobility Platform, Type 82 Multi Rocket Launcher System.

USA: Riflemen, Humvee, Bradley (incl. TOW ability)


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