2010 May

Monthly Overview – May 2010

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Hello Modern Combat fans,

This weekend we come to you with another monthly highlight. Some of you might have seen it already, since it has been published on our homepage two weeks ago already. If you didn’t, one more reason for you to keep checking our site more frequently.

I am not exaggerating, when I say our coders are doing an amazing job. The backbone of our mod is shaping up very well. As you know, we only published the non-doctrinal tech tree layout for both factions so far, because we wanted to get a good picture of it before we designed the doctrines. This way we hoped to be able to underline faction characteristics and build up synergy effects. The time has now come, and we are proud to present you the doctrine layout for both of our factions. Of course not everything is set in stone, but this will be our basis unless striking problems appear. Our coders have already made good progress on the implementation of the doctrine’s, as are most of the models are done as well, so we are progressing.

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