Monthly Overview – May 2010

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  • May 28, 2010

Hello Modern Combat fans,

This weekend we come to you with another monthly highlight. Some of you might have seen it already, since it has been published on our homepage two weeks ago already. If you didn’t, one more reason for you to keep checking our site more frequently.

I am not exaggerating, when I say our coders are doing an amazing job. The backbone of our mod is shaping up very well. As you know, we only published the non-doctrinal tech tree layout for both factions so far, because we wanted to get a good picture of it before we designed the doctrines. This way we hoped to be able to underline faction characteristics and build up synergy effects. The time has now come, and we are proud to present you the doctrine layout for both of our factions. Of course not everything is set in stone, but this will be our basis unless striking problems appear. Our coders have already made good progress on the implementation of the doctrine’s, as are most of the models are done as well, so we are progressing.

You can find a graphical doctrine layouts for both factions on our homepage This is probably the easiest way to get an overview, but you can also find them listed at the end of this newspost.

However we don’t want to present you a plain list of abilities. We will present you the general concept for each faction and go in-depth about the purpose of each doctrine.

U.S. Forces:

The U.S. forces in general are known for their versatility. Soldiers are trained very well to easily adapt to many different situations. The variety of special equipment is helping them in this regard. To underline this characteristic, the player will be able to adapt to certain situations by equipping his riflemen with the needed tools. Each doctrine will unlock a specific riflemen upgrade or ability.

This doctrine is based on the strength of U.S. Armour and will provide the player with powerful vehicles, such as the M1A2 Abrams or the M109 Paladin for Artillery support.

If the player chooses this doctrine he will be able to request a large variety of air support to gain momentum at the front. This covers recon abilities as well as air dropped support units or a powerful attack by an A10 Warthog.

When choosing this doctrine, the player will receive the needed tools to survive in Close packed Areas. Vehicles will receive special armour as will the player be able to deploy special forces or provide his existing forces with special training.


Peoples Liberation Army:

The PLA is the defending army against the US invaders. To build up the needed defences, each doctrine will unlock a different type of mine.

This doctrine represents the modern part of the PLA, which tries to bring up their equipment to western standards. The player will get access to modern anti tank weapons and also be able to field a modern battle tank himself, the ZTZ-99.

By choosing this doctrine, the player will be able to take profit of the immense mobilization power of China. He will be able to benefit from faster infantry recruitment, better production etc. Quantity over quality.

In the end the PLA still suffers from inferior equipment, but they make up for it with local knowledge. The concept of this doctrine is to prevent the enemy from advancing and denying access to territory.


We would like to remind you all, that our philosophy is to conserve the original gameplay feeling of vanilla Company of Heroes. Our doctrines have been designed in a way to ensure this. Some abilities are similar to those in the original, some are new. We think/hope that this mixture allows new strategies and tactics, but still feels like CoH. If you want to discuss the doctrine layout we would like to invite you to participate in our discussion on the Modern Combat forum.

Thank you all for your interest and feedback. Keep your eyes open for some special release this month. See you on