2010 September

Monthly Overview – September 2010

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It’s the last saturday in September 2010, the time for our next monthly review.

Before we start to talk about the mod, we want to epxress our condolences to the family of Brian Wood, Relics Lead Designer of Company of Heroes Online and CoH – Tales of Valor. Brian Wood was killed in a car accident on September 3rd 2010. More information on Relic.com. Our whole mod team is extremely saddend by this loss!

Back to CoH: Modern Combat! Work has been done on many fronts so that we have plenty of stuff to show for you again. First thing to notice is: The factions Battle Cruisers are ingame! Both the M1A2 Abrams and the ZTZ-99 are fully animated and imported. Here are some screenshots of them in action!

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