2011 June

CoH: MC – Ingame Trailer 5

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Ok, so a little bit later than scheduled (and we apologise for that), but here we are to serve you up another monthly update!

The Modern Combat team has reached some major milestones throughout the month of May, polishing the mod and bringing it closer and closer to something that resembles a finished product. Some of these milestones include:

-The overhaul and purging of over fifteen thousand existing U.S. speech files. All work on said files is now complete.

-The near-complete implementation of new weapon and vehicle sound effects, all thanks to the hard work of our resident sound engineer, Castus. Also, a heartfelt thankyou to our BF2-modding colleagues at Black Sand Studios, who kindly donated the vast majority of the effects, and without whom the mod wouldn’t sound as great as it does!

-The successful coding of a vertical fire mode for the FGM-148 Javelin (which was one hell of a tricky job), courtesy of Darkbladecr.

Due to the nature of these changes, we don’t have many pretty screenshots to bombard you with, but we do have a gameplay video instead. Along with the new sound effects and processed speech files, we’d also like to take the chance to show off some in-game footage of our previously re-modelled Bradley (model by DemoSS and Darkblacecr, skin by Chopin) and re-skinned Stryker (Knight of Ammo), as well as provide you with a brief glimpse of the aforementioned Javelin update.

Oh, and we threw in some firefights and explosions too. You guys like that kind of stuff, right?

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