CoH: Modern Combat – Ingame Trailer 1

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  • January 09, 2010

Hello Modern-Combat fans!

Today we present you two news pieces at the same time! First of all we are proud to present you our new online-presence ! This goes hand in hand with a new collaboration with Black Sand Studios. We are sure that this new support will help speeding up our work on Modern Combat. In this context: A big thank you to Guedoe, the BSS Site-Admin, who made this all possible for us. And another big thank you to Sven aka “M4c”, who did all the coding for this site.

This site should make it easier for you to follow our progress and keep track of new stuff. From now on, we will release news and media on a shorter timescale, than we did before. Pay special attention during the next time, because we will provide you with a major update, including a lot of footage, very soon.

Most of the media and content, that has been released in the past, has also been added to this site. You can find most of these information in the Mod Section. Make sure to have a look at the layout of the Modern-Combat factions or browse through screenshots and Renders under Media.

In addition we present you:

Press Release #6

Hello out there!

This is not only our sixth press release, but also the first one, which will include moving pictures! We’ve promised it a long time ago and delayed it time and time again, but we hope the footage makes up for it. This trailer features the US HMMVW, the US A10 Warthog strafing run, the PLA Militia Squad, armed with Type 56 Assault Rifles and the PLA Type 96 Main Battle Tank.


As a proof that we have not been lazy in the meanwhile, we present you some more renders of fully skinned vehicles and weapons, which are partly implemented into the game already.

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image


At the end, we would like to remind you again, that all this takes a hell lot of work to do. To speed up the progress, we are always looking for competent people as an addition to our current staff team. In particular we are searching for people, who are good at modelling, animating, working with corsix mod-studio, UV-mapping and texturing. If you are interested, please post in our application forum. You’ll find more details there as well.

But you don’t have to join our staff team, to help us with the development. Step into our forum and leave suggestions. This may be doctrine abilities that came to your mind, or just critique of an existing part, it all helps us.

Stay tuned, see you on the forums!