Patch 1.016 with new Launcher and Updater

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  • July 27, 2013


Hello Modern Combat Fans!

Hope you’re all having a great summer and enjoying the sunshine (or thunderstorms). We’re glad to finally announce the release of our new v1.016 patch; we’ve been working hard over the past months to optimise the mod in various ways and make it much more enjoyable for everyone! For example, we’ve refined the loading processes for many of our models and thus the mod will run at +20 FPS. We’ve also gone through all our old textures from before the server crash to repair any imperfections that were present in our current skins. Essentially, you’re looking at a much more finalised mod.


We’ve adjusted the durability of several key units. The Apache now has more health to deal with increased PLA AA capabilities, whereas the Abrams has had its health reduced somewhat so that PLA units can deal with it fairly. There have also been some major changes to the Type 59D. The vehicle now has greatly reduced accuracy against US infantry by default, but can be upgraded with a potent Type 54 12.7mm manned machine gun. Furthermore it now has the ability to fire ATGMs from its main cannon, functionally similar to the Bradley’s TOW ability. With 100% accuracy and penetration, as well as a minor damage bonus, these missiles are perfect for finishing off low-health US vehicles or reliably dealing damage to the Abrams in a fight.


The US Marines have now been re-implemented as a standalone faction available for selection in the lobby. AI coding has been fully incorporated, meaning that you can now play against or alongside them in CPU games. To further differentiate the US Marine Corps from the US Army, all their infantry and vehicles now have unique skins. The Marine doctrines are still very similar to the Army ones, but there have been several additional alterations nonetheless. The A-10 strafing run has been replaced by a Harrier strafing run, the Apache has been replaced by a hovering Harrier, and the M1A2 and M1A2 TUSK have been replaced by the venerable M1A1. The M1A1 costs only 800 manpower to field, but is less durable than its more heavily-armoured cousins.

Other salient changes include the addition of both 60mm mortar teams and M1129 mortar carriers for the US Army, available in T2 and T3 respectively, as well as the addition of a global QBB-95 upgrade for PLA Regulars (purchased in T2 for 150 manpower and 30 fuel, requires either T3 or T4).
We’re providing v1.016 to you as another full release, in order to incorporate an integrated updater that will make future patches much more hassle-free. Furthermore we’re including a launcher program, to both make manual shortcuts a thing of the past and to run the updater each time the mod is started up. A second “Cheat Mode” launcher has also been included, as a learning aid for new players or for those who just want to play around with the mod on their own terms. 

We hope you enjoy the patch, and we hope to show you a few more surprises over the next couple of weeks!

~ The Modern Combat Dev Team 


  • Updated many unit icons and symbols.
  • Went through all weapon RGDs and addressed anything unintentionally destroying air units.
  • Increased sniper rifle accuracy versus garrisoned infantry to 100%.
  • Standardised AT4, NDM-86 eliminate gunner and Barrett anti-materiel aim times. Now 1, 2 and 2 seconds respectively.
  • Added Batch file to automatically run the updater before running the mod.
  • Reduced grenade launcher projectile speeds and increased scatter somewhat. Overshooting shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Also reduced their aiming angles.
  • Reduced speed of guided missile projectiles from 35 to 30.
  • Added new sounds for the M14, M27, QBB-95 and TOW.
  • Fixed SCAR error occurring during SP mission landing sequence.
  • The SP Mission now supports non-English languages.
  • Replaced SP Stryker paradrops with LAV equivalents.
  • Replaced SP Airborne paradrop with MARSOC paradrop.
  • Increased Force Recon M110’s accuracy and reduced its damage.

US Army

  • Fixed doctrinal Riflemen/Marine upgrades and abilities not applying properly due to the recent standalone USMC doctrine trees.
  • Gave GB/SEAL M4s holographic sights.
  • Fixed inconsistent grenade launcher AoE by increasing accuracy to 1.
  • Increased ATGM TOW damage to match the tripod and Bradley TOWs, but lowered their fire-rate to compensate.
  • Designated Target is now timed, and no longer has timeout or deactivation bugs.
  • Tomahawks no longer cause weapon/engine destroyed criticals in lieu of death criticals.
  • Javelins will no longer drop out of top-attack mod when the gunner is killed.
  • Fixed bugged US mine.
  • Fixed the Apache M320 chain gun behaving inconsistently.
  • American T2 health increased from 500 to 650.
  • American T3 health increased from 500 to 800.
  • Replaced T2 M106A4 Mortar Carrier with a 60mm light mortar team, and added the M1129 Stryker Mortar Carrier to T3.
  • A-10 initial delay increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Removed the Paladin’s fuel cost (only 600 manpower now),
  • Increased Little Bird health from 125 to 300.
  • Reduced cost of AH-6 Little Bird ability from 150 to 115 munitions.
  • Removed A-10 rockets.
  • Decreased M1A2 Abrams health to 900, and M1A2 Abrams TUSK health to 950.
  • Gave Riflemen the M25 CDTE in lieu of the underslung grenade launcher.

US Marines

  • Set up Marines as a separate faction.
  • Set up AI for the US Marines.
  • Added separate USMC MG and TOW nests with Marine gunners.
  • Reduced Marine HP from 95 to 85.
  • Reduced overall M16A4 DPS. Compared to individual Rifleman M4: +30% long range DPS, no change to mid range DPS and -15% short range DPS.
  • Reduced Marine cost from 70 to 65 (squad now costs 260 manpower).
  • Increased Marine build time from 7.5 seconds to 8.5 seconds (squad now takes 34 seconds to build).
  • Reduced MARSOC HP from 85 to 80.
  • AAV-7A1 now possesses all weaponry by default, but its grenade launcher is less potent (semi-auto rather than burst). Raised fuel cost from 45 to 50.
  • Force Recon now have a fixed camo revert time of 4 seconds (for both auto/semi-auto weapons).
  • Reduced MARSOC cost from 500 manpower to 450 manpower.
  • M1A2 replaced with the M1A1. Slightly cheaper, but slightly less durable.
  • Fixed USMC squad leader loadout position.
  • Bradley marine texture and texture selector added.
  • USMC Humvee/CROWS skins added.
  • A-10 strafe doctrinal ability replaced with Harrier strafe doctrinal ability.
  • AH64 overwatch doctrinal ability replaced with Harrier overwatch doctrinal ability.
  • Gave US structures MARPAT camo states.
  • USMC weapon crews now have proper skins.
  • Tweaked M27 IAR suppressive fire to be fairer.


  • Removed PLA Type 81 MLRS vehicle (for now).
  • Removed PHZ89 lockdown requirement.
  • Removed PHZ89 auto-fire capability.
  • Slightly decreased damage of PHZ89 rockets and increased suppression.
  • Reduced number of PHZ89 rockets fired per barrage and decreased recharge from 105 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Standardised PHZ89 damage vs. bridges.
  • Fixed the PHZ89’s rocket compartment not elevating properly whilst firing.
  • Removed the minimal range requirement from the RPG (will stop troops running into tanks).
  • Reduced Type 59D accuracy against infantry by 66% and decreased AoE radius from 3m to 1m. Added Type 54 (DHSK) gunner upgrade and gave it the new ATGM ability.
  • Reduced Type 74 flamethrower DPS by almost 50% (was unintentionally high).
  • Nerfed Militia T81 stats. The T81 now gives Militia +50% DPS at long range, +20% at medium range and -5% at short range.
  • Changed the PLA booby trap to use the anti-personnel mine weapon, with one explosion. Changed the trigger time from 2-5 to 3-4 seconds. Now trigger a kicker message.
  • Adjusted PLA AT weapons to have better overall penetration against the M1A2, notably the dedicated Tank Destroyer and AT gun.
  • Decreased ZBD-05 damage modifier against the Humvee from 1 to 0.8 (-20%) and increased accuracy modifier against the Humvee from 0.5 to 1 (+50).
  • Decreased T86 damage modifier against the Humvee from 1.5 to 1 (-33.33%) and increased accuracy modifier against the Humvee from 0.5 to 0.65 (+30%).
  • Increased PLASOF PF-98 long-range accuracy by 25% and gave it the same criticals/penetration as the tripod version (so 100% rear pen against the Abrams). Also fixed it not breaking camouflage to fire at vehicles.
  • Upgrading the ZSD89 with repair capabilities no longer removes the gunner.
  • Added Fantaan Q5 Marine texture selecter.
  • Gave Regulars a QBB-95 LMG global upgrade (in T2, requires either T3 or T4 built, costs 150 manpower and 30 fuel).


  • Reduced sniper team upgrade times.
  • Gave US spotter an ACOG scope.
  • Reduced cost of HC spotter upgrade from 125 munitions to 25 munitions and reduced reinforcement time.
  • Fixed HC snipers not being able to cap while abilities are active. Also reduced ability penalties.
  • Made HC emplacements twice as durable.
  • Hardcore sprint ability now applies to squads and not individuals (can also transfer to weapon capture squads).

Model and Effects

  • Set up props for the SMAW, QBB-95 and M27 IAR.
  • Cleaned out and reorganised all unit ABPs and the commonmeshes ABP. Also added several new specialised ABPs to reduce overall number of redundant meshes and weapons being loaded per model.
  • Adjusted T81 textures (diffuse, nrm, spc and gls) to have 4 rows of rocket tubes, now the actual model just needs to be adjusted. Tried to improve tube assembly section of the normal.
  • New small arm skins (R870, M240b, M4, M82, M14 and M24).
  • Updated inverted MP5 & SAW normal maps.
  • Added 4 new Mortar projectiles (60mm, 81mm, 107mm and 120mm) put ingame.
  • Fixed engineer2 normal map, this had the green channel/vertical channel as both the vertical & horizontal channel (alpha).
  • Rebuilt Aidas’s Humvee, the main mesh, turret & interior are now on the same RGM.
  • Added new AT4 model.
  • New Victory\Defeat Screens for PLA and US Army/Marines.
  • Deleted HD terrain textures.
  • Updated some nrm’s & dif’s for PLA.
  • Fixed many textures that were corrupted from the SVN crash.
  • Updated all US Soldier normal maps.
  • Both PF-98 models re-smoothed and re-compiled. Shoulder scope UV-mapped correctly.
  • The QBZ-95 now has an improved tracer that doesn’t disappear after ~20m.


  • English updated.
  • French updated.
  • Chinese updated.
  • Polish updated.
  • Czech updated.
  • German updated.
  • Italian updated.
  • Spanish updated.


  • midgetdiver22 says:

    I downloaded the launcher from this website (then mod db) i removed MC as stated but when i reinstall it it is just the old 1.4 patch with the marines as a reward unit and its is not the steam version?? am i doing something wrong?????

    • I_am_a_Spoon says:

      Are you sure you installed 1.016, and not an old version you had lying around?

      • midgetdiver22 says:

        Yes i am sure but its fixed itself now, but on the campaign there is a fatal scar error at one point when your defending the point it gives you an objective to do then it comes up with the error

        • I_am_a_Spoon says:

          Yeah, the error has already been fixed in the dev version. Just waiting for a hotfix to be released, sorry about that.

  • akuiluvika says:

    I tried to download the 1.016 patch via Moddb but it says that its unavailable via any mirrors and asked me to check every 5 minutes… I did a few times but the same thing happened. So I tried the Mega Mirror but I don’t know where to look for the “decryption key” needed to download.. any help or suggestion?

  • russog18 says:

    y i can’t use the marine?

  • leoamrit says:

    need a torrent link plz

  • trigga says:


  • trigga says:

    hey can i put up a torrent if u permit

  • niko0olastp says:

    hi there … i downloaded the patch 1.016 but i still have a fatal scar error when im playing the campaing …. any idea what the problem is ?????