Monthly Overview – January 2011

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  • January 28, 2011

It’s the end of the month and we’re back with another preview for CoH: Modern Combat! As we announced in our last Christmas special, we’ve been busy in the alpha progress of our mod. This means we’ve spend a lot of our resources on balance and bug fixing. As a result the amount of new content is not as huge as usual, but we hope you still enjoy what we have to show.

Not long ago we’ve shown you the first of our revisions, the new Humvee. This time we have another unit that has been completely revamped to meet our high quality standards, the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle! Look at these ingame shots to judge yourself.


The next unit is no revision, but brand new, the PLA Type 86 AT-Gun! Modeled by Ulisehx and textured by Chopin, this unit has been the first animation job for our new member RoebenX! Let this beautiful piece of teamwork be just the first, but not the last of his contributions to our mod!

Monthly Overview - January 2011


While the Type 86 AT-Gun will certainly be a serious threat for US vehicles, the US Forces have their own tools to put fear on chinese tank comanders faces. One of them will be the static TOW emplacement. The model and skin of the weapon have just been finished recently. Ingame it will be enbedded into a defensive emplacement structure.

Monthly Overview - January 2011


While the content for our factions is almost complete, we have already started to work on the environmental content of our mod! These objects will be used on our maps to give them the right feeling of present day China.


That’s it for today. As always we appreciate any feedback on our forums. See you on !