CoH: Modern Combat – Ingame Trailer 4

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  • February 25, 2011

Hi guys! It’s our “time of the month” again, and we have another fantastic trailer on-hand for all you loyal fans out there!

This time around, we’ve decided to provide you with some gameplay footage, rather than take a purely-cinematic approach. After all the recent work that’s gone into balancing our mod, we want to offer a look at what we’ve created thus far from a player’s perspective, and at the same time, demonstrate some of the special units and features that make CoH: Modern Combat unique.

We also want to take this opportunity to familiarise the community with two P.L.A. vehicles which, whilst important in their own right, might not be as famous or as familiar to newcomers as a unit like the instantly-recognisable M1A2 Abrams: the ZZC02 Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle and the PGZ95 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Vehicle, both of which are featured in the trailer.

Anyway, enough rambling; you’re all here for the good stuff. So without further ado, the trailer!

Helicopter crashes, infantry firefights, tank battles, ambushes, rocket barrages, some sniping action… what’s not to like?


See you on !