CoH: Modern Combat – Overview April 2011

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  • May 03, 2011

Hello, and welcome back for another monthly overview!

Unfortunately, as you might have noticed, this past week the Black Sand Studios website and forums were taken offline for a prolonged period of time due to server problems. Although we are happy to report that the site is now back online again, our current press release is a little behind schedule, so we’d like to apologize for that.

But enough of that for now… today we have our brand new user interface to show you!

First of all, the Modern Combat main menu, recent recipient of a major makeover! Behind it, a generic background for use in menus and lobbies. It depicts a stylized map of North-Eastern China, and of the coasts and major cities that border the Bohai Sea. The People’s Republic of China will serve as the primary theater of war within which the battles of Modern Combat are set.

If you look closely, you can also make out the semi-transparent video that overlays the generic background screen:

Lobby Lobby


Up next are pics of the command tree menus, where you can check out the three doctrines available to either faction. And while you’re at it, check out the awesome environmental assets in the background!

– U.S.A. (Air Superiority, Close Area Battle, and Armoured Warfare):

USdoctrineUI USdoctrineUI

USdoctrineUI USdoctrineUI


– P.L.A. (The Future Is Now, Full Mobilisation, and Asymmetric Warfare):

PLAdoctrineUI PLAdoctrineUI

PLAdoctrineUI PLAdoctrineUI


Last, but not least, the victory and defeat pop-up screens, always there to mark a particularly satisfying victory… or an embarrassing defeat:

win/defeat win/defeat

win/defeat win/defeat


That’s all for today folks, but don’t forget to check our Homepage or Forums for any updates or previous press releases you might have missed!

~ The Modern Combat Team