CoH: MC – Ingame Trailer 6

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  • September 04, 2011

Welcome CoH: MC fans!

We know what you’ve been waiting for! Yes, we’re one week late, but it will all be worth it. Today we present you the update for August 2011.

But before we get to that part, we want to point out to people, who didn’t browse our homepage carefully to take a look at our completely finished unit pages. To make the waiting not as painful for you, we updated our database with the last missing entries since last saturday. This includes all the PLA infantry that were missing at the start. Now you might think, “PLA infantry?! I have only seen german substitutes for them until now”. That’s right, until now, but we finally were able to update the PLA soldiers to have a proper chinese look by giving them a new head model. So, if you want to see how they turned out and at the same time check their statistics, go visit the PLA unit pages on our homepage.

That’s it for the static part. We know you want action! And thus we have compiled a new trailer for you, that features a lot of unseen stuff. The footage was filmed on one of our WIP maps, so watch out for new environmental stuff, like cars, new buildings, etc.

Our other particularly noteworthy features are the new US Headquarters tent, new heavy machine gun teams, TOW emplacements, Chinese Infantry models, a skin update for the Type 82 Mult Rocket Launcher System and finally… an AH-64 Apache that wrecks havoc in the final scene! And to polish it up, the ambient audio sound is the new US background soundtrack, composed by Schuetzengraeber!

You’re all excited? I hope so, cause we are! Enjoy watching CoH: MC Trailer 6


As always we appreciate all kind of feedback! Make sure to check back on our homepage for future updates, we’ll keep them coming!

~ The CoH: MC Team