CoH: Modern Combat – Air Assault

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  • September 17, 2011

Welcome CoH: MC fans!

You’ll wonder, “is it the last saturday of the month already again?”. No, it isn’t, but we’ve been late the last 2 months, so we thought this month we’ll come back with an early surprise! So you get the september update today, one week earlier than expected.

Hold your breath, we’ll show you our animation masterpiece, the UH-60 Blackhawk!

Players who choose the Air Superiority doctrine will be able to take use of an Air Assault. It will consist of an Airbourne squad and a Stryker Mobile gun system, both delivered by air disposal. The Airbourne squad will be carried to its destination by the Blackhawk Helicopter, fast-roping their way down into combat. Doesn’t that sound sweet? Take a look yourself and watch the demonstration movie.

Just like for our last trailer, the background music is not just generic, but it is one of our new soundtracks, explicitly made for our mod. This time it’s the menu background sountrack. Enjoy.


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~The CoH: Modern Combat team