Vote for CoH: Modern Combat!

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  • November 30, 2011

Well folks, the 2011 ModDB Mod of the Year competition is almost upon us.

It’s an exciting time of the year for modders everywhere, and we hope to do well this time around. In 2010, we actually managed to place within the Top 100 candidates in ModDB’s Upcoming Mods category, and this year we hope to replicate that feat… but we can’t do it without your help.

During an eleven day period in December, starting on the 1st and ending on the 10th, both community members and unregistered guests will be able to vote for all their favourite mods. We’d appreciate any support shown by new and long-time fans alike.

Not convinced? Can’t be bothered? How about a little incentive then?

Should we make the Top 100 category again in 2011, we promise to release an extended gameplay preview… not just a quick trailer, but an entire uncut gamecast!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out other fantastic mods from the Company of Heroes community!


Ok, so enough about MotY… we’d like to mark the occasion with a brief recap of our achievements throughout 2011.

It’s been a hugely important year for us. We’ve managed so much, despite the real-life obligations and demands that can all-too-often stall and interfere with hobbies such as ours. Four trailers, multiple original soundtrack compositions, a staggering number of new models, textures, animations and sound effects (thanks again to our BF2 colleagues at Black Sand Studios), numerous extensive unit revisions based upon fan feedback, a wide variety of custom environmental assets and inclusions, three new maps, a completely reworked UI and a comprehensive online unit database (thanks again to Sven, aka “M4c”).

And that list doesn’t account for all the work put in behind the scenes that doesn’t cause a stir. Countless hours of coding, balancing, bug-fixing, writing, mapping and other miscellaneous tasks (such as the fifteen thousand speech files that needed to be addressed) are all spent creating as flawless an experience as we can.

It’s amazing to observe just how much Modern Combat has evolved since its original conception in 2007. So much has changed that it’s almost unrecognisable in some ways. However, despite the many, many alterations that have been made to the overall dynamic of the mod over the years, our work ethic, core principles and objectives have remained the same. We have not strayed from our overarching goal: to preserve and transport the unique and beloved style of gameplay inherent to Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes into the modern day and age, fairly and with quality, for all to enjoy.

Our current development team is almost entirely different to the one that initially orchestrated this project over four years ago. The mod owes its existence to a long list of important contributors, and those that have stayed with Modern Combat during its lengthy period of development have been absolutely instrumental to its success. Our team is highly organised, utterly dedicated, and extremely passionate about what we do. Without such a committed group of individuals to see the mod through in their free time, Modern Combat wouldn’t be what it is today.

Our fans have also been extremely supportive throughout development, providing invaluable assistance and feedback. Your enthusiasm for what we’re creating (despite a worrying fascination with dates) has consistently motivated us to create as perfect a product as possible, and Modern Combat is better because of you. Thank you all for your support!

Please understand however that although nobody is more anxious to see this mod released than we are, we will not announce a release date prematurely until we are absolutely positive that we can make the deadline without our final product feeling rushed. As we turn our attention towards balancing and finalising the mod, rest assured that an initial release isn’t too far off, and that a significant update is in the pipeline right now!

That’s all for today, but don’t forget to check our Homepage for any updates, press releases or trailers you might have missed, and visit our to let us know what’s on your mind!


– I_am_a_Spoon, on behalf of the entire Modern Combat team.