CoH: Modern Combat – Shoutcast Competition

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  • April 29, 2012
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This is a shout-out to all you gamecasters out there.

Whilst one section of our community is battling it out to win the first ever CoH: Modern Combat tournament, we want you to carry the show to a larger audience!

We aren’t just aiming to find the best player at this point… we’ll also be searching for the best Modern Combat gamecaster out there. Let your voice be heard and prove that you’re a true entertainer!

You’ll have until the 11th of May to upload your gamecast (preferably in a video format). After that the rest of the community will get the chance to vote for you (until the 18th of May) in order to determine the best entry! The winner will not only expand his/her audience and reputation amongst our community, but will also receive a grand prize of €50 (Paypal required).

These are the rules:

CoH: Modern Combat – Shoutcast Competition Rules

  • Post your shoutcast in the CoH: Modern Combat replay forum.
  • Video submissions are preferred.
  • The replay may only feature human players.
  • The gametype must be “Victory Points”, “Standard Resources”.
  • No other restrictions (team-games, vCoH maps, etc. are allowed).
  • Submission deadline: Friday, May the 11th.
  • Voting period: May 12th to May 18th.
  • Prize: €50 for the shoutcast that receives the most votes!


If you’re new to shoutcasting, the people over at have lots of experience. Some of their guides should help you get started (e.g. Guide 1, Guide 2). Remember though, you don’t need to know everything to succeed! At the end of the day, whoever receives the most votes wins…

Now keep the shoutcasts coming!


We’ve decided to extend the deadline to Sunday 13th of May to give people the chance to use the weekend to record their shoutcast