CoH: Modern Combat – Patch 1.004 released

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  • May 01, 2012

Hey folks, we’re back with the last patch before the CoH: Modern Combat 1vs1 tournament this weekend. A few remaining balance issues have been adressed, and some bugs have been fixed. Especially the Humvee and Type 96 models should now properly show up, independent of graphics settings. Find the complete change-log at the end of this post.

We would like to take the opportunity to give a special thank you to some freelance helpers, who have contributed largely to improve the visual appearance with this patch. DMz and Beefy^ have yet again lend their hands to polish our textures! Further, the french translation received some polishment by our forum member ursidey, thanks.

The Modern Combat launcher should automatically notify you about the patch and download it for you the next time you start it. If you run into problems with the automatic update, you may download and apply it manually, using this link.

~The CoH: Modern Combat team


    Changed the build cost of several call in vehicles. This affects end game score and the command point reward for killing/losing those units.
    Upkeep of both US and PLA units changed to balance the cost of units on both sides.


    PLA Tankhunter now benefits from the guerilla ability.
    Incendary mines will no longer damage/do criticals to vehicles.
    Reduced incendary mine supression
    Removed Anti Personel mines from the Militia build menu.
    Lowered the PHL-03 rockets damage modifier against armor and various vehicles to 0.75
    Lowered the PHL-03 rockets damage modifier against buildings to 0.5
    Lowered the AoE damage of the ZTD05 105 mm weapon vs infantry


    Stryker FSV vehicles that have been upgraded from ICV versions now have the same command aura boni as newly build FSV version.
    Changed the paladin's target table and penetration to match the vCoH 105mm howitzer (was doing too much damage to some units before).
    Airborne squads can now replace lost Carl Gustav weapons.

Model/Texture/Shader/sound updates:

    Fixed LOD settings on some vehicles. This should fix the bug where humvees and gunners would not appear for low gfx settings.
    Added Carl-Gustav projectile
    The Javelin no longer disappears when toggled and now has a setup bar.
    Fixed muzzle effects and tracers for several weapons
    Added new farm building models. They are available for mappers, but their animations are not set up, yet.
    Added several new notification sounds for abilities.
    Several mesh fixes on vehicles.
    Fixed the UI minimap icon for the Napalm Strike ability
    US Infantry have had their diffuse and normal reworked ingame to fix the sometimes wrong ambiance of color ingame. There are now new Specular and Glossiness maps which will give the infantry better lighting in coordination to muzzle and impact effects - (corrected textures thanks to DMz & Beefy^)
    The tread textures are now not clean as they used to be, where it may look like the vehicles had just come out of a factory. Now they have proper discoloring and mud effects to look like vehicles have been on the battlefield - DMz
    Many US vehicles used to have black lining due to impacts and simply did not present the proper colors of their camo. This has been corrected, and the camo colors of units look much better and they don't look so dark anymore. All the US vehicles have to correct coloring for ingame. Thanks to DMz & Beefy^.