CoH: Modern Combat – Patch 1.006 is live!

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  • June 20, 2012

Welcome back CoH: Modern Combat fans!

We’ve been quiet the last few weeks, mainly due to the unexpected downtime of our webservice (which also delayed our recent shoutcast competition). But we haven’t been idle. In fact, we’ve been working hard to analyse all the balance feedback we’ve received in response to our recent 1 vs. 1 tournament.

After some deliberation, we’ve decided to make some conceptual changes in order to address the issues that came to our attention.

Here are some highlights:

The US Stryker MGS has been transferred from Tier 3 to Tier 2. It will fullfill a new role as a mid-game general-purpose vehicle, comparable to the vCoH T17 armoured car, in order to provide an alternative AT option to the existing Javelin team. The Javelin team has consequently received some nerfs.

CoH: Modern Combat - Patch 1.006 is live!


The Stryker ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) vehicle has been added as a new Tier 3 unit to replace the Stryker MGS. From a gameplay perspective, the unit is a direct replacement with near-identical stats.

The PLA ZBD05 is now significantly better versus infantry. The timing of its availability has been adjusted accordingly via the addition of a prerequisite unlock.

CoH: Modern Combat - Patch 1.006 is live!


The ZSD-89 personnel carrier has been moved to the Tier 3 building and is now available without an unlock, to compensate for the ZBD05’s delayed appearance.

The rest of the changes are listed at the end of this post.

CoH: Modern Combat - Patch 1.006 is live!


We feel that this new design has more potential for proper balance. However, due to the nature of these changes and the limited manpower for testing purposes on our end, balance probably won’t be perfect right away. We plan to hotfix any issues that appear in the immediate future. Please contribute by posting feedback on our forums (preferably with replays).

This patch also includes lots of new 2D/3D content. Alongside our regular team members we again want to thank DMz and Beefy^, who have volunteered their time to help with shaders, models and textures!

The Modern Combat launcher should automatically notify you about the patch and download it for you the next time you start it. If you run into problems with the automatic update, you may download and apply it manually, using this link.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for updates at!

~The CoH: Modern Combat team.


    Satchel charges no longer bug out and stay permanently activated when used.
    Fixed VP notifications.
    Stryker ICVs and ZSD89s now have the same "unload on death" percentage (75%).


    Renamed "People's Liberation Army" to "PLA Ground Force".
    ZBD05 accuracy modifier against Humvee increased from .33 to 1.
    PLA Covert Infiltration now spawns the Engineers two seconds after the Regulars. This will allow the use of the ability with smaller houses.
    PF98 rocket teams no longer target Apaches.
    Increased the T67 HMG's burst duration from 2-2.5 to 3-3.5 seconds.
    ZBD05's accuracy modifier against infantry increased from .75 to .85.
    ZBD05 moving accuracy modifier (general) increased from .50 to .65.
    ZSD89 moved to Tier 3, no unlock required.
    ZBD05 now requires an unlock. Costs 200 manpower and 45 fuel.
    Type 88 DMR no longer requires the Tier 3 building.
    Type 86 ATG penetration against M1A2 Abrams' increased from .2 to .25.
    After setting up the Type 86 ATG, it shouldn't fire before its crew are in place anymore.
    Increased Militia HP per man from 55 to 60.
    Increased Tankhunter HP per man from 55 to 60.
    RPG upgrade cost increased to 60 munitions.
    RPG damage increased to 120.
    ZBD05 HP increased from 315 to 350.
    ZZC02 death physics are working now.
    PLA Infirmary passive healing is now granted by base sector, not proximal buildings. Fixed inconsistencies.


    Squads inside Stryker ICVs can no longer spot cloaked units.
    Bradleys shouldn't bounce rounds off the PLA sniper anymore.
    Apaches will no longer be hit by stray shots.
    Javelin direct and top-attack damage lowered to 120.
    Javelin Top attack changes:
    Decreased accuracy by 30%.

    - Penetration against Type 59 lowered to 85%.
    - Penetration against Type 96 lowered to 75%.
    - Penetration against ZTZ99 lowered to 70%.
    - Penetration against the Type 81 MLRS incrased to 100%.
    - Now deals full damage against the ZBD05.
    Apache cost increased to 175 munitions.
    Apache missiles are now inactive for 10 seconds after being called in (increased from 4 seconds).
    Fixed the Apache M230 gun sound, as it was bugged (played randomly).
    Apache ability duration increased from 45 to 50 seconds.
    New Stryker ATGM now replace the old MGS from tank depot (Created and Textured by DMz & Animated by our very own Darkbladecr). It has a higher base penetration unaffected by distance. Unit cost 325mp 50 fuel, upkeep 6.96.
    A new stryker MGS now replace the old Stryker FSV from motorpool, unit function similar to the 105mm zbd05. Unit cost 325mp 45 fuel, upkeep 6.96.

    Stryker ICV now have access to a .50 cal upgrade, increasing effectiveness against infantry, at the cost of carrying capability.
    Slightly tweaked the Bradley TOW to sync its missile and firing animation.

    Lowered Abrams TUSK cannon accuracy modifier against infantry from .7 to .6 (AoE is still a bit better than the regular Abrams).
    The paradropped Stryker has been changed from an MGS to an ATGM.
    Upgrading a Stryker ICV with a dead gunner will not result in a non-functional main gun.
    Tomahawk now does ~90% damage to tier buildings.

Model/Texture/Shader/Sound Updates:

    Fixed missing faces on Javelin underside.
    Updated the soldier shader to use the 1bit shader that all other assets use, this way they won't ignore fog setups on MC maps.
    Finished 3 big houses for the environment.
    Updated the Humvee to use the proper CROWS model that has been completed by the combined effort of Darkbladecr DMz and Beefy.
    New Chinese Archway added to environmental assets.
    Fixed the signs having an impass that prevented heavy vehicles from crushing them.
    Finished the Sinopec gas station that can be used on maps now. by skyline5gtr.
    Flamethowers now burn the ground (no effect on gameplay).
    TOW weapon had some texture issues, fixed now.
    Some of the vehicle environmental assets disappeared after being damaged/destroyed, this doesn't happen anymore.
    Updated M16 with texture from Beefy.
    Updated the M109, Tomahawk and PHZ89 projectile impact FX with Xalibur's custom FX (modified).
    Updated Chinese and US heads with all the proper textures (normal, specular, glossiness etc...) so they look better ingame.
    Fixed the issues with sandbags not properly showing/loading for HMG weapons.
    Edited Apache and A10 minimap/tacmap symbols (they weren't supposed to represent ranges, and were misleading).
    Adjusted both US and PLA Engineers to unload their backpacks when using the repair kit, so that they don't overlap with their oxyacetylene tanks.
    Added in new sounds for the Apache M203 chain gun.

Translation Updates:

    Polish translation updated.
    Spanish translation updated.
    Chinese translation updated.