Tournament II – Seeds and Brackets

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  • August 17, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s just one more day until our second CoH: Modern Combat 1vs1 tournament! We must remind every participant to be aware of the rules (the tournament is now a Double Elimination, read more in the rules link), and have the mod readily patched to 1.009. All players must test that their MC is working properly. Please try one skirmish game against an AI or online to make sure you don’t have fatal errors. If you are experiencing issues since 1.009 please download the manual 1.009 patch and extract it into your CoH root. We have created a page specific to the tournament on our website. You will be able to find the countdown clock, links to the rules, and also the dynamic challonge leaderbord.

CoH: Modern Combat – Tournament webpage

Additionally we would like to call upon all the participants of this tournament to update their details on the sign in to include their live broadcasting link (if you have it) so that it can be featured on our webpage during the tournament!

Make sure to arrive no later than 10 minutes before the tournament starts to start organizing your matches! We’re meeting in the Relic Online London channel and on mumble. You may already create your round 1 threads in the tournament forum now!

Finally we want to present you the seeds & brackets, so you know who you’re playing against. Players in the attached list are mentioned with their “Modern Combat forum name – Relic Online Profile“.

  1. Sandland – Sandland
  2. DevM – DevM
  3. BartonPL – IIEXITIIIBartonPL
  4. Tommy952 – WmDTommy952
  5. Jimysj – RoMJim
  6. Nashka – CommentatorNoggano
  7. BenjaminBiH – TAWGreenBerets
  8. Arashenstein – GestapoMC
  9. ableizesMC – ableizesMC
  10. LegendSia – LegendSia
  11. ArashFisher – ArashFisher
  12. frogtop – frogtop
  14. nickdoud – nickdoud