Tournament II – After Action Report

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  • August 22, 2012

CoH: Modern Combat – Tournament II has now been completed! We have a winner, and it was an epic round with Sandland winning 2-1. The finals were played against last tournament’s champion Sandland and newcomer RoMJim. With the tournament being played in the Double Elimination style there was the opportunity for players that had lost in the first match to play in the loser bracket and to have a chance to play in the finals. RoMJim lost his first match against ||EXIT||BartonPL but then in the losers bracket was able to beat Barton and go onto the finals.

You can find replays here,

and the shoutcasts here:

Sandland vs RoMJim Game 1 – Game 2 – Game 3


So this gives the Sandland 50€ of prize money and the RoMJim 25€.

This is not to say that the other games were not at all played at a high quality. The Semi-Finals with Sandland vs ||EXIT||BartonPL were also very intense you can find the replays here

and the shoutcast by FatalFrontlines, which you can watch here:

Sandland vs ||EXIT||BartonPL Game 1Game 2Game 3


We want to take the opportunity to thank all participants! We hope you had a great time playing, even though there were some imbalances present! Of course one of the purposes of this tournament was to identify such imbalances in order to be able to fix them in a future patch! If you want to contribute by posting feedback in our feedback section we would greatly appreciate it!

Stay tuned for future competitions and tourneys!

~The CoH: Modern Combat Team