CoH: Modern Combat Patch – 1.010!

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  • September 19, 2012

Hello CoH: Modern Combat Fans!

After a few weeks of reviewing the replays from the recent second MC 1v1 tournament we have decided to address several issues with the mod and change some things for a better balanced game. We are happy to see that the reminiscence from the first tournament of Stryker spam and impenetrable PLA Tanks are somewhat in the past!

It is nice to see the mod shaping up, however there is still a lot to do. We have decided to adjust the Green berets and give them new M4a1SD rifles so that we don’t see them running around purely owning everything on the field with their MP5 sub-machine guns. Now we can’t just give the US Green Berets a new weapon and leave the PLA with no new goodies, so we replaced the PLA SOF Type 85 SMG for the more modern QCW05 (no stat change). We have also given several buffs to the Stryker ATGM so that it can be properly used as a beefed up MGS but without the accuracy required to engage infantry targets. It has also has had its painfully slow rotation speed increased to be even faster than the MGS. The ATGM now also gains a M240b gunner at vet 1 to help it deal with any pesky infantry that want to get too close to it. The PHZ89 has been somewhat reworked to provide players with a more worthwhile T4 unit from the PLA with a mortar style rocket firing default weapon.

New screenshots from Patch 1.010New screenshots from Patch 1.010

New screenshots from Patch 1.010New screenshots from Patch 1.010


In addition the balance changes we have also done several aesthetic changes to the mod. We have completed rebuilt the M4 and the M16 models so that they not only look much better, but also have many more additional attachments. We have substituted the old M16-M203 grenade launcher for the more modern M4-M203 and M4-M320. In addition we have added a randomly loading Type 96a which can sometimes be loaded instead of the standard Type 96. Note that this is simply a mesh difference and that the stats of both units are exactly the same. Now we have custom sounds in the game that make this mod a different experience from vCoH (despite the completely different war setting), but we also wanted to give you custom FX. So we have altered the explosion FX and object hit FX from most of our weapons. So expect to things to have a bit more BOOM in them!

New screenshots from Patch 1.010New screenshots from Patch 1.010New screenshots from Patch 1.010


You may have seen our Impack Sound pack addon on our site, however we have now decided to add it into the mod by default so that all members can benefit. It improves the sounds of weapon impacts, be it against environmental objects, or enemy vehicles or armour. There are new shell casing sounds for weapons as well. Additionally there are new sounds for artillery, rifle grenades and mines. Credits go to ReazoR, Gamersin and Loran Korn! Their original sound pack for the original Company of Heroes can be found here.

We would like to quickly acknowledge Sandland and RoMJim for their valiant efforts in the finals of the second MC 1v1 tournament. If you would like to watch the replays which have been shoutcasted by FatalFrontlines, you can find them all in our newly dedicated Tournament section on our website.

Now this is only the first stage of changes for the mod after the tournament, we will be taking a more active look at changing several of the doctrines in the following update. Please contribute by posting feedback on our forums (preferably with replays).

The Modern Combat launcher should automatically notify you about the patch and download it for you the next time you start it. If you run into problems with the automatic update, you may download and apply it manually, using this link.

We have also included a full 1.010 patch so that new players do not have to install every patch slowly one by one. You can find this full patch here.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for updates at! We assure you there will be some big things coming up in the following weeks!

~The CoH: Modern Combat team.


    New Command Tree UI icons and banners for the taskbar, this applies to both the US and PLA
    New Green Berets, Airborne and PLA SOF portraits have been made to complement the new accessories on the models
    MC versions of the vCoH maps that didn't work for the tournament have now been removed
    2p_sottevast has now been modernized with MC assets
    Updated 2p_bayeux to version 1.7 released by Spanky in early September
    Fixed BLANK titlecards in 1.009 which now properly show the VP ticking reminders
    Added an extra .dll file for the MC backend that was solved errors on some peoples version of the mod
    Added new US and PLA sniper camouflage toggle buttons
    New MC specific Impact soundpack added by default

US army

    Stryker ATGM has had its damage increasd to 115 from 100
    Stryker ATGM has had its accuracy increased to .75/.8/1/1
    Stryker ATGM has had its penetration versus T59D/T96/T99 increased to .75/.7/.6
    Stryker ATGM now recieves a M240b gunner at vet 1
    New weapon: M4a1SD. weaker at close range than the mp5, but decent at long and mid range. Replaces the green beret's MP5.
    Green Beret reinforcement cost decreased to 45mp from 50mp
    New US Warcry coding: cooldown modifier = 0.6; reload modifier = 0.5; damage modifier = 1.2; recieved accuracy modifier = 1.25;
    Changed the repaid repair to a passive 25% bonus to US combat engineer repair rate. now they repair at 6.25 hp/sec

People's liberation army, Ground Force:

    PLA hq healing increased to 60 hp/min
    Type 81 rifle (Future is Now upgrade) short range accuracy increased to .75
    Type 96 tank now can randomly load the 96a turret type
    Type 96 marine camos properly load for both the normal and 96a turret
    PHZ89 can now slowly fire rockets like a mortar, however it must be locked down
    PHZ89 rocket barrage has been buffed to now fire 15 rockets
    New For the Motherland coding: cooldown modifier = 0.6; reload modifier = 0.5; range weapon modifier = 0.75; recieved suppresion modifier = 0.5;
    New For the Motherland coding: All infantry get 5 seconds of increased movement speed, but then at the end of the ability there is decreased speed for 10 seconds
    PHL03 Rocket Barrage has had its damage adjusted so that hits are properly regsitered on light vehicles and tanks
    Adjusted the Type 89 TD to have a faster deceleration from 3 to 4 and slightly lowered acceleration from 1.7 to 1.6 so that it would not crush infantry as easily
    Adjusted the vetarnancy of the PGZ95 so that it matches the Type 59D (amount of exp needed to gain vet - 10 / 20 / 40)
    Adjusted the vetarnancy of the Type 81 and PHZ89 MLRS units (amount of exp needed to gain vet - 12 / 24 / 48)
    PLA SOF now use the more modern QCW05 as their SMG upgrade (no stat change simply mesh change)
    Type 88 rifle (regulars upgrade) accuracy modifier versus elite armor (green beret) increased to 1.0 from .75

Model, Sound and Texture changes:

    Fixed issues with the Javelin FX not properly showing on impacts with several types of hit_objects
    Fixed issues with the ATGM projectile FX not properly showing on impacts with several types of hit_objects
    M16 tracers have been fixed to not duplicate
    Completely new M16 model and texture, along with attachments ready to be implemented if needed
    Completely new M4 model and texture, along with attachments ready to be implemented if needed
    M203 attachment to the old M16a2 has now been replaced with the HK M320 on the M4 for riflemen
    Type 81 PLA MLRS has a new marine texture


    English UI text updated
    Chinese translation updated
    Polish translation updated
    Czech translation updated
    Spanish translation updated