CoH: Modern Combat – Patch 1.011 is Finally Here!

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  • November 10, 2012

Hello CoH: Modern Combat fans! Boy do we have some news for you today!

We’ve watched this mod change a lot during the past year… countless balance changes over the span of ten major patches as well as several tournaments and competitions. However there are several elements that have been missing. We’re incredibly proud and excited to announce that this will all change today with three brand new additions to Modern Combat!

First of all, this mod now has its own fully supported…


We’d sincerely like to thank both “eliw00d” and “pingtoft” for their combined efforts in making this all possible. They’ve worked hard to create the back-end coding and implement a special rating system for our mod that will provide users with a unique competitive experience. All you need to do to register yourself on the leaderboard is play one online Modern Combat game, whereupon your Relic username will automatically be added to the ladder and your scores recorded. There’s even a dedicated section for players who like to comp stomp! Additionally we have also put up the current stats for veterancy for Modern Combat units on our unit page as well!

New Website additions for the upcoming patch New Website additions for the upcoming patch


Now… we couldn’t give all the goodies to the online players, so we’ve decided to give our singleplayer fans something to tinker with. Without further ado, we’re happy to announce our very first…

Modern Combat Campaign Mission!


Named “Yongxing Dao”, the mission is set during the initial stages of the fictional US invasion of China. It begins with the player in command of an elite Marine Force Recon operation behind enemy lines. Once their objectives are complete you take command of an entire amphibious landing operation, complete with naval and air support. You must battle against an entrenched PLA garrison to establish and hold a beachhead! Multiple difficulty levels are supported, and the mission can be accessed by selecting the first campaign icon in the main menu.

We especially want to acknowledge our dedicated SCAR mission coder “Sando” for putting it all together, however this was a combined effort by all the MC staff. A lot of time went into new dedicated environmental objects and USMC units. We hope you enjoy it!

New additions to Patch 1.011 

First ModernCombat Mission for Patch 1.011 First ModernCombat Mission for Patch 1.011


Thirdly… even before we released Modern Combat back in March, we knew that we’d be cutting off some of our community by not designing the mod to be more realistic than the original Company of Heroes. Fans have been calling for more realism for as long as we can remember, so we believe that now is the right time to unveil our brand new…

Hardcore Mode!


This new mode has been put together by our crack coder “I_am_a_Spoon“. Work on it has been ongoing for over a year, since before the release of Modern Combat! Please note that this is still a work-in-progress, and that even more features and changes are in the pipeline!

From the very beginning we set out with our own vision and path, and didn’t want to just copy other popular mods such as Blitzkrieg or Back to Basics. We wanted to branch out on our own and try to find the perfect blend between realism and our beloved CoH gameplay, as well as preserve the existing Modern Combat metagame and balance. We hope that you enjoy it!

To activate Hardcore Mode you must select one of the two new “Conquest” victory conditions when starting up your game. See the bottom of the post for a more detailed overview.

New Hardcore Mode in Patch 1.011 New Hardcore Mode in Patch 1.011 New Hardcore Mode in Patch 1.011 First ModernCombat Mission for Patch 1.011 New additions to Patch 1.011 New additions to Patch 1.011


In addition to all of the above we’ve also worked hard on a huge number of bug fixes and balance changes in order to make Modern Combat better and fairer. This time around we focused primarily on balancing out the US doctrines, swapping and changing around a few things to try and make each more competitively viable.

The Air Superiority right-hand tree has been revamped, with the Tactical Airlifting upgrade now coming first and increasing the production speeds of both infantry and vehicles. Airborne Rifleman now come in second (the ATGM paradrop ability has been removed). Third is the brand new “USAF Supplies” ability, which allows players to temporarily increase their Munitions income at the cost of a small amount of Fuel. This new setup should provide increased viability and synergy to the doctrine, which prior to this update was being neglected in competitive games.

We’ve also removed the overpowered “CQB Training” veterancy-purchasing ability from the Close Area Battle doctrine and instead replaced it with the “Blast Protection” upgrade that used to reside in the AS doctrine. The position of the upgrade has also been switched with Green Berets, who now come in second on the right-hand side. Cage Armour has also been removed and is now instead a global upgrade available at the US Armour Headquarters. It has been replaced in the CAB left-hand tree by an off-map smoke screen ability that can be used to mask infantry pushes or help provide additional defensive bonuses to vehicles against RPGs.

The “Economic Support” ability has been removed from the Armoured Warfare doctrine. It’s been replaced with a new “Precision Artillery” ability, which targets a point on the battlefield with three extremely accurate Excalibur 155mm artillery shells.

The PLA weren’t immune to this overhaul. The “Hack Attack” ability in the Asymmetrical Warfare doctrine has been replaced by ‘Logistical Warfare’, which allows PLA players to increase the rate at which their infantry are able to capture a specific point while simultaneously decreasing the rate at which US players can capture it!

It’s also worth noting that we’ve improved our existing reward skins and have added more skins for players to choose from. Infantry will now be upgraded with special camouflage patterns when the Tan and Marine reward skinpacks are activated. The newest member of our dev team, “Rain”, has also been working hard to provide fans with new special skins for our ZTZ99 and M1A2 Abrams super-tanks. We suggest you try them out! Oh and also, we finally have all the PLA tier buildings ingame and working, but beware, they are big!

New additions to Patch 1.011 New additions to Patch 1.011 

New additions to Patch 1.011 PLA Marine Infantry New additions to Patch 1.011


Finally, we’ll be putting together a special Round Robin Tournament over the following weeks, which should get the community jump-started on the leaderboards and give everyone a chance to link up with other Modern Combat players.

The Modern Combat launcher should automatically notify you about the patch and download it for you the next time you launch it. If you run into problems with the automatic update, you may download and apply it manually via this link.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for updates at! We assure you that big things will be happening in the following weeks!

~ The CoH: Modern Combat team.