CoH: Modern Combat Patch – 1.012

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  • December 12, 2012

Hello Modern Combat fans!

We would like to first thank you for voting and getting us in the Top 100 of this years Mod of the Year competition. With the last few days of voting to decide who wil get into the top positions we have decided to release a new patch to show that we are still dedicated to you guys!

We have fix our first Campaign mission so that now anyone can play regardless of if you own ToV, OF or some other type of combination. Just select whichever campaign that you own from the drop down menu at the top (note the different CoH versions all load the same mission), We have also taken the time to fix several bugs and do some small tweaks to our balance! Most notably we have adjutsed the size of the new PLA Tier 3 and Tier 4 buildings so that you do not have as big of a problem setting them up in your base. Additionally we have added new textures for the chinese faces, Type 99 digital camo and adjusted Rain’s M1A2 textures.

Screenshots from Patch 1.012 Screenshots from Patch 1.012


As for balance we have three things we would like to highlight. Firstly the adjustments we have made to the US engineer shotgun, now it will not be as effective versus infantry in the open it will be much more viable as a building clearing weapon as it was originally intended. Also we have added a new critical to the US Mortar carrier. It has always been an issue for the PLA to deal with this vehicle early game, when there are only really RPG teams available. This new “Mortar Team Killed” critical will allow infantry that do not have AT weapons to at least disable the weapon until US engineers can repair it. Also useful for hedgerow maps where there are many impass locations. This means that if you throw any type of grenade (normal, molotov, sachel) there is a high chance that you will kill the mortar team’s crew. Also this gives the PLA mortar teams a way to fight back against the Mortar Carrier, as their rounds will now be able to score this critical! Which seems viable in real life anyway. And finally an addition to the Hardcore mode, casevac ability to the Stryker ICV and the ZSD89 (med upgrade). This allows you to deploy the vehicle’s medics that can then pick up wounded soliders. Instead of picking up these soldiers for new free squads, they return 10 manpower for each infantryman picked up.

Screenshots from Patch 1.012Screenshots from Patch 1.012


There has also been the addition of several edits of Pfuscher’s new HD ground skins. We would also like to thank AGameAnx for giving us permission to use his adaptation of these textures. You will find that several of the maps have a new feel to them with the ground textures updated, meanwhile some maps will look the same. We tried to cut a medium between too realistic and keeping CoH’s original art feel.

The Modern Combat launcher should automatically notify you about the patch and download it for you the next time you launch it. If you run into problems with the automatic update, you may download and apply it manually via this link.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for updates at!

Sign-ups for the Round Robin Tournament are now open! Depending on the number of players and the activity we will decide how long players have to coordinate their matches. This will give players flexibility to arrange a match throughout the week. We will provide more information about the event with a news post in the upcoming weeks, giving all the details!

~ The CoH: Modern Combat team.


    Fixed Pacific Assault to work on all version of CoH
    Updated the T3 and T4 PLA buildings to 80% size
    Updated the random chinese head textures
    Updated Rain's M1A2 textures
    Updated the standard Type 99 digital green camo
    Updated the minesweeper to not be bugged visbility
    Lowered airborne reinforcement cost to 44 from 50
    Lowered Type 59D accuracy versus sniper to match infantry (0.6A, 0.9D)
    M870 modified to be less effective in the open, and a better building clearer
    Mortar Carrier crewmen can now be killed by mortas and all PLA thrown weapons (grenades, molotovs, satchel charges)
    Apache no longer captures points in HC
    Adjusted RPG and PF98 UI numbers
    New hardcore casevac ability to Stryker ICV (at Tier 3) and WZ752 (ZSD89 medical upgrade)
    Buffed hardcore GB M24 slightly
    Removed AoE from vehicle destruction FX (wasn't doing any harm but units were still reacting to it).
    Renamed "Conquest" to "Hardcore" just to make things clearer for everyone.



Hotfix 1.013 was released to fix the error that would cause players a Crash to Desktop when trying to launch a multiplayer game. The Launcher should automatically update for you, otherwise manual link is here.