New Installer and Patch 1.015

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  • May 10, 2013

With the new release of Company of Heroes onto Steam, there has been the need to update our mod. We have fixed the bugs and Fatal Errors, and you will now be able to play the Mod on the Relaunch version! We have put together a full new installer to put these changes in effect. Also make new users have a much easier time installing the mod.

Hello Modern Combat Fans,

You may have noticed that our site has gone down (again…) and that the Company of Heroes servers are being taken down from Quazel this week. However don’t worry Relic has created a new version of CoH (v2.700) with a connection to the Steamworks servers.

If you need help retrieving your CD/DVD key for the transfer to Steam you can use the Relic tool here.

Now we have been planning to move all our assets to our own server instead of the Black Sand Servers which have been temperamental with the occasional crashes and server unavailability. With the move we have been working on a new website and forums. With the last crash in late April we have lost quite a bit of data and have been forced to release our new server slightly prematurely. However this past week we have been working hard to prepare everything for you guys!

So our new server is live here


Please check it out, play around with it and let us know if there are any bugs on our new forums.

Now we have added commenting all across the site, and your forum account is linked to the main site so everything should work in unison! Not only this, but the site has been optimized for any device you plan to view the site with. So weather its a tablet or mobile device, everything will be rendered correctly.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 850 x 648)ImageImage

We will be working towards putting the old features of our site in the coming weeks (finishing off the gallery, adding unit pages, putting back the leaderboard) and new ones.

Now onto the new version of Modern Combat.
We have been planning a full installer for 1.005, and it seems fitting now with the new move to the Steam Relaunch. The installer will automatically find the location of your CoH Steam Relaunch folder and automate the install process. No need to worry about where and what to extract. We have not included many changes to the mod in this version as we did not want to break anything with the transition.

You will find these changes:

We have yet to decide how further patches will be delivered so please keep your eyes peeled. Also join our new community, we will be putting up some systems on our website to make an easy transition for matchmaking, especially with everyone now on Steam Accounts.

All the Best,
~The Modern Combat Dev Team

For old versions of the mod, make sure you first delete the ModernCombat folder in your CoH directory!

Now with the new Steam Relaunch of Company of Heroes, you will need to create a shortcut in order to launch the mod, since our Launcher does not work anymore. There are 2 ways you can do this. You can either make a shortcut directly, or you can add the mod to your Steam Library. Both methods work (with overlay as well) and there are no disadvantages of either.

Desktop Shortcut
For the shortcut you simply right click your Desktop or any location you want. Select New –> Shortcut and then browse to your RelicCoH.exe in your Company of Heroes Relaunch folder. Here is an example:

Now you give the shortcut whatever name you want, like “Modern Combat Mod”.

You can also press Change Icon, and choose our own icon from the mod’s files:

Steam Library Shortcut
For the Second Method, and adding the mod to your Steam Library you press the “+ Add A Game…” icon at the bottom left, and choose the “Add a Non-Steam Game…” option. Then select browse and navigate to your Steam CoH Relaunch folder and choose the RelicCoH.exe. The location should look something like this:

And that is it! Now you can run the Modern Combat on the new 2.700 version of Company of Heroes!


  • rebornx says:

    Just posting to see how the comment function works in here.

  • eebex says:

    hey i trying to play and i have fallowed the install guide but it didn’t work and i haven’t been able to start the game

    • I_am_a_Spoon says:

      What happens when you try to play? Could you provide some more detail please?

      • 1col1javierd says:

        Hi guys, let me just start by saying that I’m new to this mod. I heard of it a copule of days ago and i’ve been looking at vídeos and screenshots and it looks INSANE! I downloaded both the COH relaunch and the COH TOV expansion, and then, i downloaded the installer for the mod and installed it but i dont know how to start the game! I also tried making a shortcut following the steps provided but it doesnt let me create it!!! I need help, im gonna go crazy trying to get it to work! I also have tried uninstalling and installing both coh relaunch, the TOV expansion and the mod and it still doesnt work 🙁 help!

        • 1col1javierd says:

          I forgot to add that the installer doesnt create an .exe to launch the mod!!! Fml..

          • I_am_a_Spoon says:

            Do you still need help with this? Sorry for the late reply, this comment section obviously doesn’t send notifications.

    • pjhdman8 says:

      Did you installed steam or not? Because you need steam to play. However you do not necessarily need the CoH Relaunch Version even though you have the v.2602 as long as you have steam you can still install the game.