Hotfix 1.018

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  • December 26, 2013

Hi guys. This download fixes the fatal launch crash introduced by the recent CoH 2.700.2.22 Steam update.



  • Fixed start-up crash caused by the recent CoH patch.
  • Disabled updater (wasn’t functioning correctly).
  • Improved PLA Regular and SOF torso normal maps.
  • Chinese localisation updated.
  • Czech localisation updated.
  • Polish localisation updated.
  • Italian localisation updated.


  • niko0olastp says:

    thanks for the hotfix guys …. i know that youre busy with the zombie mod too but … can u tell us some thinks about the upcomming patch of mc ???? also culd you make a 5 person transport vehicle the humvie or make an other huvie with no gunner so it culd be mounted by the crue ??? cos tha wuld be awesome XD … again thanks for the game as whell as the patches .

    nicholas t.p.


    • I_am_a_Spoon says:

      Hi Nick, sorry for the late reply.

      We aren’t involved with ZombieMod, that’s an entirely separate team.

      Hopefully there’ll be some major changes to MC in the future, so we’ll see. 🙂