Members of the PLA Ground Force, Regulars are well-trained and well-armed troops. High-level infantry squad, able to hold its own in combat and perform well both offensively and defensively, though lacking in versatility. The core of any P.L.A. infantry force.



Type Infantry
Weapons QBZ-95 marksman rifle
Requirements Support structure (Tier 2)

Unit Costs

Manpower 290
Fuel 0
Popcap 5


Name Description Costs
QBU-88 Arm one squad member with a QBU-88 designated marksman rifle, a long-ranged semi-automatic weapon able to pick off enemy infantryman at a distance
Munitions 75


– Grenade Out!: Instructs the squad to throw a fragmentation grenade at a target point. (25 munitions)
– Ambush (requires “Asymmetrical Warfare” Doctrine): The squad will camouflage themselves whilst in cover, and await further orders. Camouflaged units cannot open fire without revealing their position, and can be detected by enemies in close proximity.