– Combat Engineers


Four-man squad able to build and repair structures and fortifications. Can be equipped with M590A1 shotguns, or equipped with explosives and ordnance disposal equipment.

- Combat Engineers


Type Infantry
Weapons – M4 Carbine
Requirements – Headquarters (Tier 0)

Unit Costs

Manpower 220
Fuel 0
Popcap 4


Name Description Costs
M590A1s Arm the squad with Mossberg 590A1 pump-action shotguns; lethal but short ranged weapons perfect for close-quarter firefights.
Munitions 60
Explosives and EOD Kit Provide the squad with both C4 charges able to destroy battlefield obstacles and a mine detector able to locate enemy landmines and booby traps.
Munitions 35


Primary U.S. builder unit, able to construct and pack-up all U.S. Tents, Fortifications and Emplacements. Can be deployed from off-map if the player’s Headquarters is destroyed.


  • Repair: Instructs the squad to repair a damaged vehicle or structure.
  • Clear Obstacles: Orders the squad to disassemble an enemy Fortification, such as a sandbag wall or barbed wire fencing.
  • Throw Demolition Charge (requires “Explosives and EOD Kit” upgrade): Instructs the squad to deploy a timed explosive charge at a target location. Extremely effective against structures. (50 munitions)
  • Pack-Up: Orders the squad to take down the Tent last prepared for disassembly. Whilst being packed up, the tent cannot produce units or undergo research.