– Green Berets


Four-man fire-team of highly-trained Special Forces infantrymen. Can be equipped with suppressed M4SD carbines or an M82 Barrett anti-materiel rifle.

- Green Berets


Type Infantry
Weapons – M4 Carbine
Requirements – Close Area Battle (doctrine)

– Green Berets (doctrinal unlock/ability)

Unit Costs

Manpower 400
Fuel 0
Popcap 8


Name Description Costs
M67 Grenades Global upgrade (Infantry Headquarters): Equip Riflemen/Marines and elite infantry squads with M67 fragmentation grenades effective at clearing out garrisoned structures and flushing enemy troops out of cover.
Manpower 100
Fuel 40
M4-SDs Arm the squad with silenced M4 carbines, increasing their close-quarters effectiveness and enabling them to camouflage.
Munitions 75
M82 Barrett Arm one squad member with an M82 Barrett anti-materiel rifle; a powerful sniper weapon able to engage both troops and vehicles.
Munitions 75


Advanced U.S. infantry unit, unique to the “Close Area Battle” Doctrine, and effective when deployed alongside other U.S. infantry units. Immobilising Shot works well in tandem with heavy-hitting units such as Stryker Mobile Gun Systems and Javelin Anti-Tank Teams, and Green Berets are able to advance into enemy territory undetected and/or launch devastating ambushes via their Camouflage Ability.


– Grenade Out! (requires “M67 Grenades” Upgrade): Instructs the squad to throw an M67 fragmentation grenade at a target point. (25 munitions)

– Immobilising Shot (requires “M82 Barrett” Upgrade): Order the squad sharpshooter to target the tyres or treads of a selected enemy vehicle with his M82 Barrett, briefly impairing its movement speed.

– Camouflage (requires “MP5SD6s” Upgrade): Renders the squad invisible to the enemy, but significantly reduces their movement speed. Camouflaged units cannot open fire without revealing their position, and can be detected by enemies in close proximity.