– M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Versatile and well-armoured fire support vehicle armed with a deadly 25mm chain gun. Can be upgraded with a TOW missile pod.

- M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Type Vehicle
Weapons – M242 Bushmaster Chain Gun
– M240C Coaxial Machine Gun
Requirements – Armour Headquarters (Tier 3)

Unit Costs

Manpower 350
Fuel 60
Popcap 8


Name Description Costs
TOW Missiles Global upgrade (Armour Headquarters): Upgrades all M2A3 Bradleys with BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile pods.
Manpower 100
Fuel 25


The toughest non-Doctrinal vehicle available to U.S. commanders, a Bradley IFV equipped with TOW missiles can reliably take on both infantry and vehicles, and is durable enough to serve as a potent frontline unit.


– Launch Missile (requires “Missile Pod” Upgrade): Fires a TOW anti-tank missile at a target location or enemy unit. (35 munitions)