– ZSD89 Armoured Personnel Carrier


Armoured vehicle fitted with a ring-mounted Type 85 machine gun, able to transport and reinforce troops. Can be further upgraded with medical or vehicle repair capabilities.

- ZSD89 Armoured Personnel Carrier


Type Vehicle
Weapons – Type 85 Heavy Machine Gun
Requirements – Support Structure (Tier 2)

Unit Costs

Manpower 220
Fuel 25
Popcap 4


Name Description Costs
WZ752 Medical Evacuation Vehicle Upgrade the ZSD89 with an on-board medical station, allowing it to heal nearby troops.
Munitions 50
ZJX93 Recovery Vehicle Upgrade the ZSD89 with an on-board repair station, allowing it to fix damaged vehicles.
Munitions 75


The ZSD-89 personnel carrier is a well-armoured vehicle, able to ferry and reinforce troops in the field. Can evolve into direct repair/medical roles at the expense of firepower, allowing it to further support infantry/vehicular forces, and remain consistently useful throughout an entire battle. The ZSD-89 looses the ability to reinforce infantry once upgraded.


– Repair (requires “ZJX93 Recovery Vehicle” Upgrade): Instructs the ZJX93 to repair a damaged vehicle or structure.

– Medical Station (requires “WZ752 Medical Evacuation Vehicle” Upgrade): Dispenses medical supplies to nearby troops, healing any wounded infantrymen within a small radius. (40 munitions)