– Stryker Fire Support Vehicle


Support unit armed with a remote-controlled M2 12.7mm machine gun. Provides passive sight and fire-rate bonuses to nearby vehicles, and can deploy smoke.

- Stryker Fire Support Vehicle


Type Vehicle
Weapons – PROTECTOR M2 Machine Gun
Requirements – Mechanised Headquarters (Tier 2)
– Stryker FSVs (tier unlock)

Unit Costs

Manpower 280
Fuel 35
Popcap 4


Name Description Costs
Cage Armor Global upgrade (Armour Headquarters): All Strykers are augmented with slat armour; an exterior grid of metal bars designed to prematurely detonate inbound shaped-charge warheads such as those utilised by RPGs and rockets.
Manpower 200
Fuel 40


Before the Stryker FSV can be deployed it has to be unlocked in the mechanized tent for 150 MP and 30 fuel.