– Riflemen


Five-man US Army infantry fire-team, well-trained, versatile and effective at all ranges. Benefits from a range of doctrine-specific upgrades and abilities, can be equipped with multiple special weapons, and can be upgraded with M67 Grenades.

- Riflemen


Type Infantry
Weapons – M4 Carbine
Requirements – Infantry Headquarters (Tier 1)

Unit Costs

Manpower 300
Fuel 0
Popcap 5


Name Description Costs
M67 Grenades Global upgrade (Infantry Headquarters): Equip Riflemen/Marines and elite infantry squads with M67 fragmentation grenades effective at clearing out garrisoned structures and flushing enemy troops out of cover.
Manpower 100
Fuel 40
Anti-Armour Munitions Global upgrade (Infantry Headquarters): Equips Riflemen/Marine squads with AT4 disposable anti-tank rocket launchers and equips Machine Gun Teams with M993 armour-piercing ammunition, allowing US infantry units to engage enemy vehicles and structures more effectively.
Manpower 100
Fuel 30
M249 SAW Requires Armour Headquarters (tier 3): Arm one squad member with an M249 squad automatic weapon; a powerful light machine gun that significantly increases the squad’s overall firepower when stationary.
Munitions 50
Underslung Grenade Launcher Requires Mechanised Headquarters (tier 2): Arm one squad member with either an M203 or M320 grenade launcher; rifle-mounted weapons able to fire 40mm grenades accurately over large distances. Very effective against garrisoned or entrenched infantry units.
Munitions 50


Primary US Army infantry unit. Versatile and adaptable on the battlefield, and useful for securing territory and/or Strategic Points.


– Grenade Out! (requires “M67 Grenades” upgrade): Orders the squad to throw a fragmentation grenade at a point on the battlefield. (25 munitions)

– Use AT4 (requires “Anti-Armour Munitions” upgrade): Orders the squad to fire an 84mm anti-tank rocket at a selected enemy unit. (40 munitions)

– Designate Target (requires “Air Superiority” doctrine): Orders the squad to lase an enemy vehicle with their target locator. Designated vehicles can be targeted more accurately by allies, and can be tracked anywhere on the battlefield. (10 munitions)

– Smoke Screen (requires “Close Area Battle” doctrine): Orders the squad to throw an AN-M83 smoke grenade at a target location. (25 munitions)

– Sprint (requires “Hardcore Mode” win condition): Temporarily boosts the squad’s movement speed but decreases their accuracy and fire-rate. Whilst moving the squad cannot fire at all.