– Militia


Six-man Paramilitary Forces infantry squad, part-time paramilitary troops who receive poorer training and equipment than their Ground Forces brethren. Effective at close range, and can be upgraded with a wide range of doctrinal weapons and abilities.

- Militia


Type Infantry
Weapons – Type 56 Assault Rifle
Requirements – Infantry Barracks (Tier 1)

Unit Costs

Manpower 240
Fuel 0
Popcap 6


Name Description Costs
Type 81s Requires The Future Is Now (doctrine): Arm the entire squad with Type 81 assault rifles, increasing their accuracy at all ranges.
Munitions 50



– Molotov Cocktail: (requires “Full Mobilisation” Doctrine): Instructs the squad to throw an improvised incendiary grenade that sets enemies and terrain on fire.

– Booby Traps (requires “Asymmetrical Warfare” Doctrine): Wires a strategic point or neutral building with a concealed network of primed grenades and tripwires. Enemies attempting to capture the point or enter the building will set off the traps.

– Ambush (requires “Asymmetrical Warfare” Doctrine): The squad will camouflage themselves whilst in cover, and await further orders. Camouflaged units cannot open fire without revealing their position, and can be detected by enemies in close proximity.