CoH: Modern Combat – We are live!

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  • March 15, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, we aaaaaare liiiiiive!!

CoH: Modern Combat is finally available to the public!

But first of all, let us appologize. The overwhelming interest in our mod and consequently the refreshing of our website while we were still working on the release lead our server host to the impression that he was the target of a DOS attack! We hope to get in contact with them soon to get our service back up.

Maps Preview


Unfortunately, among other reasons this didnt allow us to use the easy installer we had prepared for you, because it requires access to our server to ask for patches. To avoid a further delay we had decided to release a self-extracting archieve as a temporal solution. We’ve posted installation guides on external forums, while we try to get our servers back up. A direct download as well as a torrent is available for you

Download at Moddb

Download via torrent

We are extremely impressed about the community support of our Mod! 20000 downloads in less than two days is more than we could have hoped for!

Type 96 - redone Type 96 - redone


Once our website is back up we hope for ongoing support by all of you! Help us to fix bugs, improve balance and contribute by posting replays and discussing strategies! We will start working again as soon as our server is accessible again and hope for a good future!

To the people who still have problems to get the mod to run:

  • The Fatal SCAR error at startup which a few people are reporting can be tracked down to permission issues in 99% of the cases. Please make sure to read our installation guide carefully. We’ll fix the remaining issue with the next patch.
  • The xml error messages which all of you will receive when using our launcher can be ignored. They will disappear automatically once our website is back online.

~The CoH: Modern Combat team