CoH: Modern Combat – Patch 1.001 released

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  • March 22, 2012

Hello CoH: Modern Combat fans,It’s time for our first wave of bugfixes. Thanks to all of your contributions on our forums, we were able to identify many of the bugs that made it into the release version.

The balance discussion is lively in our feedback section as well. We encourage you all to take part in it and help to improve our mod, so that it can become as balanced as possible. With this patch, we have mainly concentrated on bugfixing. Any further balance issues should be clearer than before and we hope to effectively resolve them with our next patches in the coming days and weeks.

People who use our launcher will be automatically notified about the update. People who have had problems with our launcher (resulting in them needing to create a custom shortcut) should download and apply the patch manually using this link.

Find the changelog of patch 1.001 attached at the bottom and watch out for further announcements on

~The CoH: Modern Combat team