CoH: Modern Combat Patch – 1.009!

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  • August 13, 2012

In preparation for the approaching CoH: Modern Combat 1v1 Tournament II we have decided to add a new patch to try and solve some of the small bugs and balance issues left over from 1.008. In addition we have prepared the vanilla CoH maps that will be used in the tournament for Modern Combat. This means that the HQ area has been adjusted to ensure that there are no objects that may get in the way and cause retreated units to get stuck.

New screenshots from Patch 1.009 New screenshots from Patch 1.009 New screenshots from Patch 1.009


We are excited to see how this tournament will pan out, especially with the mod completely restructured from the 1st tournament and much more balanced. Will Sandland be able to retain his title as the Modern Combat 1v1 Champion? Or is it time for a new talent to take up the title? Only time will tell!

If you would like to participate sign ups are still open! Please read the Tournament Rules and ensure that you have Mumble installed and setup.

The sign up thread is located here.

Additionally we have added several new custom competitive maps to MC. They are still in the WW2 setting for now, however with time you might see them evolve into Modern settings. Anyway I would like to personally thank the mappers that allowed me to add these maps to our mod:

2p_Argentan_Crossroads – By White_Flash

2p_bayeux – Created by Spankyy

2p_bourdon – Created by Janne252

2p_D913 – By Playmobill

2p_Saint_Quentin – By IplayForKeeps

2p_Sottevast – By IplayForKeeps

2p_Forest_Town – By GenPtah


!Important! For all the people that have signed up to the tournament happening this weekend on the 18th and 19th, there have been some changes to the rules! The tournament will no longer be held as a Single Elimination, but instead as a Double Elimination Tournament. This means that generally the schedule will be kept the same, but it will allow players that have dropped out from losing their first game still have a chance to compete in the final. However all games played in the losers bracket will not be best-of-three games, instead it will be a single game where the winner progresses to the next round. Please read about the details of the extra rules, they include information about how to decide who gets to pick what team they will be playing with during the match.

Here is the current schedule for this weekend:



As always, all the best, and good luck to the contestants!

~The CoH: Modern Combat team

Patch will automatically be updated by your launcher, otherwise use the manual link here and extract into your CoH root.