New droppable weapon

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New droppable weapon

Postby Ranger_Logan » Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:54 pm


I've been playing Modern Combat since the day it came out and saw how you progressively added new droppable weapons to the list and I wanted to add some other weapons (M4/M203, M110, M85, M25 GL, M870 Shotgun) to that list. I duplicated the file in Attrib/EPBS/Races/Amer/Equipment for the M27_IAR and changed some details for each one, but it didn't worked. In the MapEditor the weapons don't appear like the others (they're invisible) and in-game the unit that picks it up doesn't show a weapon.

Can anyone please detail me how on Earth can I do it? Just for the shotgun.

P.S. I tried and copied the weapons models (.mua .muax .rgo .rgm .rpb .sua) from Data\art\Models\Races\amer\soldiers\weapons to Data/Art/Models/Gameplay/Props to be able to find it in Corsix' Mod Studio when I made their RGD with CMS .

What am I doing wrong?!
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Re: New droppable weapon

Postby Darkbladecr » Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:23 pm

So the problem is that the weapon .rgo needs to be updated.
The weapon models require a visibility_name and variety_name to be set so that they would be visible. Additionally the weapon would float in the air, as that is the default position in the .rgm

The best thing for you would be to duplicate the weapon model files as you have done and then just delete the .rgo
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