new bug reported by some people of the community...

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new bug reported by some people of the community...

Postby AAMC4 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:59 pm

This is a bug reported by Roman 9441 on DB forum:
He has window 8 and COH 2700 steam version...

he said:

ok let's me summary after i play hardcore most , sorry have to use this place to report as i'm try to register forum no confirm e-mail

- The hardcore mode i play 5 games i can end every games. I'm confirm about this but some how i'm still see fatal error at the bottom of screen.
- But I still can end game unlike the normal mode with fatal error and cannot win have to quit , cound as lose

- Next If i turn ground texture to high it go dark and flick have to turn ultra i know i should not this will cause my marine special force helmet to go missing

- The game work but sometime repair icon display on the wrong place for humvee it display a bit far away from humvee

Anyway i hope new version release to fix bug soon as fatal error is every where for me even i reinstall it many time

But this all report is come from skirmish so i didn't play online no idea about it

others guys have the same porblem:

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