My Suggestions and changes for the RED ARMY!

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My Suggestions and changes for the RED ARMY!

Postby thugjay24 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:37 am

Only at hardcore mode
US- overpowered status on here less changes.

•US engineers shotguns are the most powerful weapon in closecombats, buff more damage in close combats but its horrible in mid and long range.....

•US Infantry Carrier upgrade grenade launcher weapon instead of crow but costs more> excellent against any type of infantry.

•FOR CLOSE COMBAT DOCTRINE the use of smoke screen of squad i feel like its really useless better change it to stun grenade or shall we call it a flashbang with different hotkeys. grenade and smokegrenade hotkeys are the same..

•bradley overpowered, its main gun can kill pla medium tanks easily.

•For USMC >allow multiple weapon upgrades instead of 1 weapon upgrade per squad.

•Navy Seals and Green Berets claymore will automatically detonate when enemy squads are near and also manually detonate for ambush tactics and flashbang or stun grenade.
Navy Seals and Green Berets have anti tank skill ability for armor threats. increase the time of making mines...

•Add m1a1 abrams to the tank factory as it will be unlock to the commander tree passive skill also m1a2 abrams need to use fuel by producing it instead of using only manpower.......remove m1a2 and m1a1 abrams from commander call of as reinforcement.
only for Close Quarters Combat Doctrine and Armored Combat Doctrine.>for a better tank combat effectiveness, suggest add a commander that can get inside the tank like blitzkrieg. maybe m1a1 abrams costs 900 mp and 135 fuel and m1a2 abrams costs 1100 and 150 fuel but a lot stronger than the m1a1 abrams. i feel like also needs an building upgrade in order to unlock Hero Units that can change the tide of the game. no problem on those offensive and defensive levels upgrade.... seems so like a Konigsberg tank when 3 defensive bonus stats are in pfft. Limits 2 abrams only

•Paladin add 80 or 125 i dont know a required Munitions cost in order for it to fire its main gun..GOD it's really op when the skill is just free to use it. its spammable and a bad ass RIP PLA. limit the units of paladin only 1 or 2.
The Red ARMY china-underpowered status, now lets make it overpowered with this suggestions i have :)

•remove the QBU sniper rifle upgrade for the Regulars>>Overpowered. instead, focusing a great firepower on that lightmachine gun upgrade on that one. like SAW.

•PLA spec ops need to be buffed as they are very weak and useless, common problems for this is the weapon upgrades * Low accuracy on that bazooka upgrade against armored vehicles and its silencer weapon should be buffed with its specialise backup weapon that is flashbang or a stun grenade if possible then the silencer should be used much more aggressive and strong against all infantry.
remove the bazooka upgrade instead of using it as a ability for armor threat. also silence sniper weapon and multiple weapon upgrades as they are like prepared for any infantry threat.... for this unit change the anti personnel mines into trip wires and also decrease the making of these unlike the US could plant it like 0.5 secs ..since the US provide more ELITE units than the china has, those Green Berets Navy Seals, Airborne Squads vs 1 Elite Covert Ops should be the most deadliest among of the them..Lastly they should have a sabotage ability to disrupt enemy supplies and us too when equipped with silencers ..... and those airborne squads too.
PLA anti/tank units

•Pla tank hunters are only good when shooting armored units very close, suggest for effective midrange tank hunters another multiple upgrades such as stinger or triple RPG rockets with players choice which to choose, a triple rpg's with horrible accuracy at long range but fast reloading time only good at close range or midrange or 1 stinger with excellent at all ranges but takes time to aim... or maybe Since the US has TOW emplacement PLA should have a Stinger Site. also reduce the drop rate of RPG weapons.....Stinger weapons can shoot air and ground units with great acc as i said but it takes time to aim unlike rpg . reduce rpg drop rates because most of the time when the unit dies or even a squad the weapon will be dropped and of course its kinda expensive to have another one..

--I'm also thinking that the tank hunters have a specialized napalm rockets equipped that is good for both infantry and vehicles... since us have a Javelin that could take vehicles and tanks at a very long range, the red army has a threat of both vehicles and infantry. but im not pretty sure about this.. since they love using napalms as the backbone weapon in their arsenal.

•PLA anti tank unit. lack skill of camouflage and a bonus of 2 shots before revealing the units. also bonus ambushes but cannot move while in camouflage mode only stationary.

•PLA tank Destoyer will be unlock at ARMOUR WORKSHOP that costs 360mp 60fuel instead of using as reinforcements that only cost manpower a reason to avoid spamming also the reason they dont use that fuel much instead of manpower...

•PLA ZTZ59D needs to be buffed a little with its medium armor is enough to cover small and medium firearms like bradleys maingun. only missiles and airstrikes are its weakness... remove its missile ablity skill instead of replacing it as smoke screen ability for escaping and cover and flank speed ablity.

•PLA 96A battle main tanks is just like a m1a1 abrams and they should be equally armored and powered.. at this point it needs to have a building upgrade in the armoured workshop to unlock this unit around 70 fuel. this tank should be free! for all doctrines.

•ZTZ99A1 A greatest tank that the Chinese had to offer! in the FUTURE is now doctrine its good it will be unlock and be put in the armoured workshop in 2 upgrades, first is 70 and the last is upgrade is 100fuel cost in order to unlock this unit, also armored to m1a2 abrams but this one boast up to 125mm gun, this tank model is too skinny make it a bit muscle looking tank a bit fatter than the m1a2 abrams(Lets give Americans a taste of our Engineering! The American Bombs will fall upon our Tanks like rain on rock) so are they?> xD Limits 2 ZTZ99A1 and 96A main battle tanks only...

•Multiple Rocket Launch System since chinese are more capable in using of napalm add ability that fires rockets with more burning area of effect of it.. also deals much more damage than the normal has. but cost 85 munitions while the normal has 50munitions

• Since US has Tomahawk Missile I know the Chinese also had a nuclear Missile! well how about that? so that it would be fair! NOW FEEL the Engineering of the RED ARMY!

•The Chinese also had choppers use for assaults but most of it are troop transports.... the troop transport animation can be use to the covert operations instead of allowing them to immediately pop up in the building.

• Full mobilization doctrine "for the motherland" change it to "For the RED army!", also they had a napalm strike, its really expensive for the use of munitions, as of defenders they have a cheap use of airstrikes.

• The Chinese have strong bunkers as defenders make those bunkers tough man and I know they have a model like PANTHERTUM building that is a bunker with panther's turret above it. but its more modelized with 3 cannon turrets as maybe to be replaced the main battle tank reinforcement in the the future is now doctrine commander tree! :)

•The Chinese officers love to wear those red berets with a star symbol in the middle of it.
•Suggested PLA voices >>>>"Generals" China army :) its not stealing man its just how the game is shared and to be played . i love those voices but they speak english in a way of how chinese speaks english. It came out on my mind because i feel like it matches this game too and also for this GREAT mod! the voice I never forgot is FOR THE RED ARMY! :D

Both Factions
•Sniper scouts maybe should be equipped with silencer and allow them to be invisible while in the building its weird for them to be seen in the building...... also add evasive action ability to hide even when the enemy is near in them.. allow sniper squads use of claymore or trip wire mines..and grenades?

•Tanks fire faster than the Missile units because the tank crews already prepared those cannon for enemy unlike missile of course they need to aim and lock and it takes time for it to shoot but they have advantage at ranges ....
• I love the maps made by these guys but i have no idea why the building will be easily collapsed only for a few shots?

We are only playing against AI in hardcore mode always because we love realistic damage as we were inspired playing blizkrieg mod besides we have no mates and no internet at home. so please i hope I am respected as we all do here is balancing and more fun in this on and only great mod in the CoH.

Can I work with these game as permission? i mean to make changes of this game as just for my own work but if if if I made it maybe i can share it up to you...... I worked most of my time for this. sadly i dont have tools by editing them.... what are those tools for them to be edited?

Dear Spoon,
it took months for me to find and get the best suggestions i have to share for you because i love this mod man! and the fans never let you down! hope for your kind of consideration..... Im the guy in the Steam talking about the registering problems and here I am i made it :) .

by DUTCH:)
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Re: My Suggestions and changes for the RED ARMY!

Postby thugjay24 » Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:41 pm

Another notice is, The airborne squads are more equipped than the Cover Infiltration Squads... Its kinda not fair
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