Cura issue with supports in the print

Cura issue with supports in the print

Postby davefollmers » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:09 pm


I'm trying out a difficult print on my helloBEEprusa and after repeated tries still have two problems. It's more related to Cura than the printer but since there's no forum for Cura I'm trying here.
1) For some reason Cura tries to print the two smaller end parts - shown with an arrow in the picture - hanging in the air without support. This of course fails miserably, the poor printer tries to hang it with over a few filament threads but it always falls. Is there some option I can set to make a support structure for this?
2) The base supports (green in Cura screenshot) that hold each part to the base are rather fragile, the movement of the extruder head over the parts shakes them and breaks them easily. I've only managed to print at 50% speed. Is there an option to make them stronger?I've tried using the raft setting but it didn't really help.

Please help.

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