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Who Will Pay The Bill For A380 Airport Development

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:10 pm
by davefollmers

Since we are on the "A380 Ready" subject, I was just wandering who is footing the bill for all the airport development to accomodate this aircraft. When you think about it, its not really an airports problem. Its the airlines that want to buy these huge aircraft and fly them into the major airports. If an airport does not want to foot the bill to accomodate these aircraft they dont have to. The airlines will fly into the airport regardless, even if it means they have to use smaller equipment. Its the airlines that lose the most money by not flying into an airport that is a busy route. For an airline like FedEx, of course they will be paying for the development of their hubs and taxiways in order to accomodate the A380. But what about airports like JFK? There are no airlines with a hub there that will be buying the A380, so who will foot the bill to develop the airport. If JFK does not want to spend the money to develop the airport it doesnt have to, the airlines will still fly there regardless, just using smaller aircraft. So after blabbing on for so long, is it the airports who are paying for airport development for the A380, or the airlines?

Please help.

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